Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Terror, Inc


Formed by 3 brothers from a wealthy Greek family of shipping magnates in the mid 80's.
They decided to use their connections, powers and wealth to form a criminal empire that would supply mercenaries and other resources to governments and other criminal organizations, including individual super villains. With the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, they scooped up a lot of ex KGB, Stazi and other former government black ops people.

Current Status

Today Terror, Inc is a poorly kept secret with a private island (New Olympus) for a base and a decent sized military, including stolen ICBMs as well as a small army of super powered individuals.
They are incredibly wealthy and use numerous shell companies to maintain cash flow.
Internationally recognized as their own country they have been left alone and governments actually work to keep a lot of their activities secret to keep the public from demanding action.
It is said Terror, Inc maintains extensive files on most major figures for blackmail and extortion but their formidable military and the powers of the leadership are what really protects them.  Also everyone is pretty sure those are working nuclear weapons...

The Brothers

The brothers all gained their powers at the same time and they are based on the energy shell type. They seemed to have created patterns based on stories of ancient Greek gods,


The oldest and the political leader of the group. He has extremely powerful electromagnetic powers and has been able to disable electronics on fighter aircraft several miles away. He can also project powerful lightning and fly.


The youngest brother is a powerful hydrokinetic and able to manipulate water on a large scale. This allows him to swamp ships, create tidal waves and even spin up waterspouts and hurricanes.


The middle brother is reputed to be a financial genius and has the ability to create energy clones which he calls ghosts. Not only can they exist on their own but he can use them to animate statues. He uses his powers in less obvious ways, so the true extent and nature of his power is unknown.


New Olympus is the official name of the country with Terror, Inc its unofficial but primary industry.
Government postings have titles based on Greek and Roman mythology and are appointed positions by the 3 brothers. They can be removed and replaced at any time, usually they do not survive replacement.
  • Ares: The leader of the military
  • Hephaestus: In charge of weapons manufacturing.
  • Hera: First Lady and Queen. This is whomever is currently favored and the consort of Zeus and is a powerful but umm unstable position. 
  • Mars: 2nd in command of the military

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