Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The GOP needs to start working for America again

The shameful surrender of America to Russia's wishes and demands must stop and Republicans must step up to the task they swore oaths to.
I have called my local Reps and Senators and ask that you do as well. Congress has been protecting Trump and demanding the DOJ hand over documents so they can pass them along to Trumps attorneys. They have been doing everything they can to sabotage the Mueller investigation, including slandering the FBI and leaking information.
Why does the GOP put so much effort into this obstruction of justice? If Trump is not guilty what are they afraid of? They spent years attacking democrats and often came up empty, yet this probe has indicted over 30 people with several convictions and the unmasking of extensive corruption and Russian interference. From Social media to using the NRA to funnel money into GOP pockets to actually hacking not just private servers but state election computers.
Why would anyone who is a patriot try to block this investigation?  Again what are they afraid of? Why the sudden effort by the Treasurer to exempt the NRA from reporting where they get their money?
Is it just to push their agenda? They could impeach Trump for violating the constitution with the info already in public domain and put Pence in charge, Pence is ultra conservative and would do everything they want and more effectively than Trump. Yet hey are willing to destroy the image of the GOP for generations to protect Trump. Are they really protecting Trump or protecting themselves?  Perhaps they just like the media distraction that is the puppet president so they can pass unpopular legislation and deregulation with less notice.
Whatever the reasons the GOP needs to think it through.

  • If your ideas are so unpopular your afraid of what happens if Americans see what your doing as your ding it, maybe you should remember you work for those Americans.
  • If you believe Trump is innocent, despite the mounting evidence you should be quiet and let the investigation finish unmolested. The faster the better and your efforts at obstruction are slowing it down.
  • If your goal is to slow and eventually kill the investigation then you need to remember that eventually it will all come out. If Trump is guilty the longer and more devoutly you protect him the harder you will fall, deservedly so. The smart move if Trump is innocent is to let it play out and hopefully quietly so you should stop attacking it, the FBI and our intelligence agencies. If Trump or his campaign are guilty the smart move is to be quiet and adopt a wait and see approach so you come off as fair and patriotic.
  • One wonders then why so many in the GOP, especially the House are staking the reputation of the GOP and willing to do anything possible to loudly kill the investigation.  What is so valuable to protect that your willing to sacrifice the country and the long term prospects of your party for?
I think were going to see more than one congressman indicted for asking the Russians for help and a lot deeper ties to corruption. That is the only thing that really fits the facts presented. The GOP is terrified of Americans finding out something.
If I am wrong then prove it by stopping your efforts at obstruction and get back to legislation.
Right now many people have lost faith in the GOP and Republicans are leaving the party. If you want to get back our trust lets see some action.

Items GOP needs to do in order to recover Americans trust and protect the country

  • Impeach Trump, failing that Censure him.
  • Subpoena his tax returns to see if they reveal money ties to Russia.
  • Protect the Mueller investigation.  It has already done more to protect the USA and identify Russian attackers than the House Intel Committee did. Even if Trump is not shown to have been involved in election meddling and has no back channel ties to Russia or other foreign powers it has done more to protect US interests than all of Congress. So Americans ask yourselves, why do they want to shut it down?
  • Find out who the Congressional candidate was that ASKED the Russians for dirt on his opponent. Was it one of the ones trying to shut down the Mueller probe?
  • Figure out a way to convince our allies not to abandon us even though were attacking them.
  • Impose more serious sanctions against Russia.
  • Not approve a SCOTUS appointee until after the investigation is over. GOP said Congress should not let a lame duck president pick a nominee, how about one under criminal investigation? One who appears to put the interests of Russia ahead of the USA?
  • Immediately pass and approve the budget for beefing up our cyber security. Not only our are elections at risk but reports indicate our power grid is as well This is a national security issue, plain and simple. It should be treated as such by Congress and the White House.
  • Pass an Ethics bill requiring tax returns of all federal elected officials be published, get rid of hidden slush funds such as Congress uses to pay for sexual harassment claims against them at taxpayer expense, beef up election fraud penalties, and make it a crime for an elected official to lie to the American people. They can always opt for "No Comment" but should not be allowed to keep lying to us.
  • Congress needs to not be exempt from insider trading laws where they can personally benefit by choosing which companies benefit and which lose from the laws and regulations they set.
Why do Americans pay Trumps hotel fees to stay at his own hotels? Remember Trump gets this money from us every weekend for him, his staff and the Secret Service.
He does not even offer us a discount rate.
He is using the Office of the President to milk the taxpayer for billions to line his pockets and the GOP is ok with it. He also is getting money from foreign governments which is a violation of the Emoluments clause. How can you trust that his actions are for the USA when he and his family are pocketing money from governments prior to policy changes?
The GOP is supposedly fiscally conservative, yet they do not object to these things and they voted to increase the national debt and spending as they always do.
Its time people looked at the facts, not their spoon feeding media outlets and realize the con-job the GOP has been running on them.

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