Friday, July 27, 2018

CW: Vampires

Vampires in The Kingdom of Darkness

Vampires in the Chalice World come in several known types, though they have a common origin.

Vampire Lords

These are spirits that possess living beings to interact with the mortal world and prey on blood, emotions or other energies of living beings. Some consider them corruptors, others as demonic in origin. They can convert those they drain into vampires, with each vampire lord creating its own type or sub species.
The below vampires use the template here which is a modified version of the standard vampire template in GURPS Basic


Vampires that feed off the adoration and devotion of people. They are high profile and prideful and will get as many people as possible to praise and serve them.

Incubus and Succubus

Vampires that feed on sexual energy.


This vampire feeds off the greed of others and tends to be merchants or advisers and work in the background to encourage greed among those they associate with.


This type feeds on fear and tend to be stealthy and often manipulative.

More to come as I get the right terminology or decent sounding words. feel free to comment with suggestions.

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