Friday, September 21, 2018

Ford vs, Kavanaugh

Republican stance (Specifically, Senators Hatch, Grassley, and Cornyn)

We do not believe you but come testify in front of us so we can grill and try to humiliate you on national TV. Oh, and no witnesses (including the other guy in the room) and no investigation ahead of time. So it will be just you vs. Kavanaugh.

  • The GOP is already playing the blame the victim card here. From its a shame and unfair to Brett Kavanaugh to calling her a mixed up woman 
  • The GOP is still in rush this through mode and demanded she show up on Monday. The committee refused to consider that some people have jobs, family, and other obligations and made their timetable and convenience the priority.
  • IF the GOP wanted the truth above all they would ask for an FBI investigation instead of doing it with Grassleys staff, at least one of whom is a personal friend and professional associate of Kavanaugh.
  • GOP seem to be out of touch and stuck in the 50s as regards women's issues, including that a lot of women are afraid to come forward after an attack. Largely in part to harassment and slander like Trump and the GOP have started doing in this case. The GOP is truly the Grand Old Patriarchy!
  • Other defenses range from it was a long time ago, Its not fair to destroy someones future because of things they did in the past, to Boys will be boys, no big deal/

Democrat Stance

  • The Democrats are definitely hoping this scuttles the confirmation, but that does not mean Fords accusations are true or untrue,
  • No woman should trust Feinstein or the Democrats to keep their info confidential, this is a repeat of the Anita Hill situation.

Who is Telling the Truth?

  • Kavanaugh, I never did this. Hard to prove or disprove
  • Kavanaugh, I was never at a party. One could expect him to deny being t that party which would require finding witnesses to prove or disprove, but since her note did not specify the date and him claiming one would have tipped his hand he went all in and said he was never at any party at all. That is easy enough for the FBI to prove one way or the other.
  • Ford is not in politics and has nothing to gain here but a lot to lose. Death threats and harassment have already begun. Women know that if they come forward with sexual assault, rapeor domestic abuse charges they will rarely see justice done and suffer personally and often professionally for bring charges, even if those are in fact proven true. The Patriarchal nature of our society strongly discourages going up against white men, especially rich ones. 
  • The GOP had a letter signed by women from that time period ready to go within 24 hours. Imagine finding 65 women from your high school days, especially since you attended an all boys school and getting them to sign a note with 24 hours. Its clear the GOP had this prepared ahead of time. Not conclusive, they could have been prepping for a woman backlash because of his stance on abortion and other women's issues, but why did they happen to focus on that time period?
  • The FBI normally investigates these things and has done so before with many Judaical appointments when new things come up. This is in fact pretty standard for even basic security clearances. So why do the GOP and Brett Kavanaugh not want one but Ford does? This would only take a few days to at least confirm or deny major parts of each persons story.
  • Also to consider, if you were accused of something like this and were innocent wouldn't you demand an investigation to clear your name? Is he afraid of them proving the truth, or just finding other unsavory activities of that time period?
  • Why did Ford put Kavanaugh's friend Judge in the same room if shes lying? She knows he would deny it, if only to protect himself and not just his friend. Odd choice if shes lying. Also noteworthy that Judge refuses to testify under oath unless forced to.
  • Kavanaugh has credibility issues based on his under oath testimonies. Watch his answers during the confirmation hearings and according to his government emails he lied to congress in denying any knowledge of getting Democratic


The Supreme Court is one of the most powerful institutions in America and it is a lifetime appointment. We do not know for sure one way or the other what really happened here but the above would disqualify most people from most corporate jobs. I think the GOP owes it to America to find another nominee. It wont even be hard, they already have a list of other conservative judges vetted by groups that oppose Roe vs. Wade, Privacy Rights, and corporate agendas over employee rights.

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