Saturday, September 1, 2018

Chalice World race, the Jotun

So several years back I thought about making Toons for GURPS.  They can be fun and what if someone wanted to play a game based on Jessica Rabbit or something?
I came up with some ideas and a rough draft but never really got it exactly right.  Then Kelly Pedersen came along and wrote a much better article that did the job.
Pyramid #3/101 Humor gave us Animates which included a template and short list of powers for toons in GURPS, Now where to use them?

Chalice world has Jotun which are chaos spirits manifested, sure most are monsters for the players to kill but the other night inspiration struck. I now allow them as a player race in that setting. At 205 points for the template they are expensive and I may never see a player build one but I have known a few jokesters that would love the idea given the chance.

Think about it for your game if you have forces of Law and Chaos, what is more chaotic than a Toon?

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