Wednesday, October 3, 2018

GURPS Review of Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 4: Dragons

The latest DF Monsters volume is all about dragons! Some of the material is reused from the DFRPG boxed set but most of it is new. It is a monster book so no point totals are included, nor costs for various abilities. However there isn't anything here that cant be built using GURPS, at least on my initial impression.
Yer Basic Dragon gives us several sizes of dragons Small, Medium, Large, Gargantuan, and guidelines for even bigger or between range sizes. Small dragons are pretty tough but I think most DF parties could handle one, Medium would be a lot tougher fight, and the bigger ones are headed to, if not already legend territory.
Dragons Breath gives us Clouds and Cones with a chapters worth of detail regarding options such as different types and how to use them. There is a real good mix here.
Chapter 3 Distinguishing Your Dragon goes over lots of ways to tweak dragons and reasons for doing so. Maybe not much for an experienced GURPS GM but it is nice having the main ideas laid out in one place. Also, let me comment that the writing style here was especially convenient, and cute. The first time a trait is mentioned it is bolded then normally used thereafter. That makes it easier to find what your looking for or just mine the chapter for ideas.  I really applaud this method!
The line headers under Bad Breath were funny, yet did not detract from the content.  So cute.
Dragons in Action is a solid chapter on tactics and  a good read.
Appendix: Not Your Average Dragons includes four unique fully detailed dragons. All are interesting, though Brother Jonas was my personal favorite.


At $6 this is I think a high value book for those wanting to add dragons to their game. Obviously its well written (Sean Punch aka Kromm always turns out quality) and there is a good chunk of meat here.  Much better than a bunch of stat blocks,the tactics and options for tweaking bring it all home.
Great book!

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