Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Menagerie

After a long delay due to school we made progress on the game set in Chalice World.
We have a human mage specializing in Light and Healing magic with some Mind magic after my recommendation who wants to hunt down Corrupters.  Evil spirits that possess and change people or other living things.
Also a young Coatl far from home, and a Cat Sith.
2 more players to go! Oneis expected to play a front line warrior type but we shall see.
So far its basically a traveling exorcist monster hunter type with two animal seeming companions.

I also updated the entry on Fae as part of explaining fae to the player

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  1. We ssssstarted! (I am the snaky Coatl, hehe). I enjoyed it a lot. Was just me and the human mage... roleplaying through our first meeting.

    I'm so far from home, the humans around my area didn't know what I was, and typically shot arrows and threw rocks at me. I evaded that kind of thing and mostly kept out of sight. The human mage was looking for trouble (magical searching) and found me through a (poorly :P worded) attempt to find "unnatural creatures" with a magical search.

    Dude totally picked a fight with me, thinking I looked reasonably corrupt (reasonable evaluation, I look like a snake with many sets of wings, very unnatural) Unlike earlier human encounters, this freaking mage managed to lightly wound my coatl, and got retaliated against (missed, darn. Neither of us were pulling our punches, though my baby snake wanted -out- of there. Got to say though, my acid attack did not make me look any less like a corrupter, whoops).

    Human mage did his responsible thing, his best to set the town on this corrupter beast that he thought I was, while also trying to get all information about it (me!) possible. Not much information in this tiny town, though he managed to discuss me with a forester who had seen me and shot at me months earlier (hiss). And return to the woods with archers accompanying him, all to hunt for me...

    Good thing that night they had word from more informed mages, who let those who cared (most of the town by that point, this human mage is slick and thorough in his communications!) know that coatl were kinda like me, though if I was one I was probably a young one, and not corrupted. By that time, I had already established I was sentient, weird, and stalking at least this mage.

    Oh, and I "caught" the mage and am busy training him. Managed to get him to stop attacking me on sight long enough to establish that I wasn't actually attacking him either. Now I'm busily teaching him right from wrong and establishing that he will guard me from the arrows of others of his kind, and trying to figure out how to reward him for his services. It seems fresh meat won't do it, he prefers his food left to decay beside fires until it is dried and hard. Perhaps I'll help him hunt the corrupted, that's apparently what motivates him the most. In any case, I've got myself a human, and it's a shiny one at that, the shiniest human I have ever seen!