Thursday, March 7, 2019

Review of GURPS Steampunk 3: Soldiers and Scientists

The latest installment in the GURPS Steampunk line came out last week and I have read it and offer up my comments.
First off, this book is big. Lot bigger than I expected in fact.
It has 6 new styles, some for martial arts, some for guns, and appropriately enough one for Wierd Science and another for vehicles. Gismos get a nice lengthy treatment with several new modifiers and some clarifications so your cane toting spy knows just what he can have in that secret compartment.
Also included is a discussion on minority groups and various societies (organizations).
Thats Chapter 1!
Chapter 2 is the bulk of the document and includes templates, lots of templates.
50 point templates, 13 of them.
75 or 100 point templates, 15 of them.
150 point templates, can you guess? Nope, 5 :)
There is some other stuff here, various bits of fluff and crunch but the real meat of this chapter (and I suspect a lot of the authors hours) is in those 33 templates. 
Some are fairly classic, a few really unique but all show a lot of care in the selections possible.

While Steampunk is way behind Dungeon Fantasy its now a solidly supported genre within the GURPS system.

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