Wednesday, March 27, 2019

This week in GURPS

Two kickstarters just completed and fully funded.

Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2 

Funded with 1,019 backers at $54,741 which will produce a new monsters book and reprints of the original DFRPG boxed set. The DFRPG line now has the boxed set, a players bundle (Adventurers and Spells) and a couple of adventures out, with more on the way.
So the boxed set has solid support, plus of course is fully compatible with the rest of GURPS, especially the Dungeon Fantasy line.

The Citedel at Nordvorn by Douglas Cole

Funded with 600 backers at $26,030 which is a mini setting full of adventure ideas and linked to past and upcoming adventures for DFRPG. Also included is an updated and streamlined version of his Dungeon Grappling rules, including some new spells.

Upcoming GURPS Books

The playtest for GURPS Powers: Totem and Nature Spirits completed a few weeks ago and I submitted my revised draft today. I feel the play test went well, Some things got some positive and surprising nods, others received constructive criticism and requests for clarification or expansion. Its always easier for the author to know what he means than the readers to interpret it!
Shamans are IMO a very under served profession in any RPG I have seen, mostly they get treated as druids with different spells.  This book wont resolve that, but its a step in that direction and is useful for any profession and was written with the Dungeon Fantasy and Monster Hunters series in mind.

The playtest for GURPS Monster Hunters: Power-Ups 1 is scheduled to end this week and will offer many goodies for Monster Hunter fans when it comes out.
Next in line for playtesting are a GURPS Social Engineering item, a new GURPS High Tech item (thats around modern day, with Low Tech being preindustrial and Ultra Tech being science fiction), and a GURPS Disasters item.
Aside from those freelancer items, look for more, Dungeon Fantasy 20 and the Pyramid Dungeon Collection should be out soon as well.

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