Thursday, May 9, 2019

Abortion Bills

With the recent slew of conservative judges being put on the bench states are pushing strictor abortion bills in hopes of getting Roe vs. Wade overturned.


Said to be the strictest bill yet HB314 is effective once a fetus is in utero.


Currently restricts abortion after 20 weeks, just signed a law that bans it so soon most women wont even know their pregnant before its illegal. it blocks abortions after about 6 weeks.
It includes provisions for up to life imprisonment and penalties if she has a miscarriage.


Passed a law in 2018 that requires the governor personally approve an abortion (If its covered by medicare) even if the womens life is in immediate danger.


Trying to ban birth control coverage by medical insurance.

Several other states have passed or are pushing more laws along these lines, including punishments.

You know whats missing in these so called pro life arguments?

  • Contraception for women, even while male contraception is covered by most insurance.
  • Healthcare for women and children.
  • Severe penalties for the fathers who refuse to take care of the child once born.
  • Economic support for single mothers, especially those who have children with birth defects or were raped and forced into single motherhood by the state.
  • Effective adoption, foster care and other support for children.
It makes one wonder what the real priorities are here.

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