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Chalice World Commonwealth Jobs

Base Pay $800/Month based on TL 4

Job Quality
Status Level
Monthly Income
Daily Average
Hourly Average

Craft and Mundane Trades

Basic Labor

Generally unskilled work, typically done by minors and those seeking apprenticeships.

Craftsman, Apprentice

The apprentice is working on a specific trade and is typically taken care of by the Master Craftsman training him. Apprenticeships typically last 3 to 5 years.

Craftsman, Journeyman

After learning a trade and passing an exam a tradesperson may become a journeyman. Journeyman are responsible for their own upkeep and tools, though they typically work in the shop or under the supervision of a Master Craftsman. A journeyman can test to become a master craftsman after serving as a journeyman for 3 to 4 years. Even especially adept students who could pass the test sooner are generally required to serve this time in order to pay off the expenses and time spent on them by their master. Also during this time they are working on their reputation for when they become a master.

Craftsman, Master

Master craftsman almost always have their own shop, though some may work as foreman in a larger shop or under a renowned master.

Craftsman, Renowned

These craftsman are famous for their skills and are generally only found in major cities.They typically have long waiting lines for their goods.


Agriculture is buttressed by magic and excellent transportation services. It offers less upward mobility compared to the skilled trades but pay is decent in an effort to offset the desirability of the more urban jobs. Most farms do not have their own mage, instead a town mage covers all the farms surrounding the town.
Landowners and Skilled Mages: Comfortable
Foreman, animal handlers, and apprentice mages: Average
Standard laborers and unskilled mages: Struggling


Wagon Handlers

Most wagon traffic is hauling product from farms to villages and small towns. The typical wagon handler owns and takes care of their own wagon.

Carriage Drivers and Guards

Carriages are primarily for personal transportation in the larger towns and cities, and from some rail depots to nearby towns. In town there is typically just a driver, but between towns a guard who doubles as porter is usually added. They typically do not travel all night and will stop at Inns to rest the horses and passengers.

Railroad Jobs

Railroads are run by the dwarves, though they hire porters from other races. They run between cities and also stop at smaller towns along the route, though only for short times.
Engine Crew: $1,600/month (Average wealth, special skills typical of all dwarves)
Porters: Average
Depot Crew: Average
Depot Chief: Comfortable


Most shipping is along the coast, though there are some river trips.
Ship Captain: Wealthy
Ships Officers: Comfortable
Ships Crew  Average
River Captain: Comfortable
River Boats Officers: Average
River Boats Crew: Struggling

Urban Management

Mayor, City: Wealthy
Mayor, Town: Comfortable
Mayor, Village: Average.
City Council: Comfortable
Town Council: Average

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