Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Vampires in Chalice World

I liked the vampires in the Vampire the Masquerade setting (First Edition) in many ways and was disappointed at what happened when they were converted to GURPS Third Edition. Over the years various fans have made their own conversions but I wanted to go with the concept rather than a conversion.
The basic idea is instead of a single vampire tpe there are a bunch of bloodlines with different powers. I also did not like the origin as it wont work for anything other than earth history.
So I made my own vampires...

I have the detailed, though not yet completed writeups on this site. But a quick summary follows.
There is a common vampire template, mostly based on the standard GURPS Basic Vampire.
Each vampire also belongs to a bloodline, each with their own lens and available powers,
I designed the bloodlines not based on the abilities I wanted but based on each clan feeding on a specific emotion or mental state. This gave me a good variety, though there is room for expansion.

This is the key thing about these vampires, they feed on blood but also on mental energy.
Part of the inspiration for that was the tv show "Lost Girl" and I liked the differentiation.
They also have a variant on Energy Reserve that I want to use for various things and this gives me a way to test it, especially in the most abusive and munchkinney ways since they can refill the pool through draining..
Another key difference was the origin story.
How are vampires created? Why can they have different abilities? Why drink blood?
These vampires are essentially created by forgotten and lost gods who are so weak compared to their old selves that they can only survive as parasites. They need both life energy (blood) and spiritual or mental energy to thrive. So the origins are beings called Vampire Lords possessed mortals and drained them dry but infected their spirits with a disease that can be passed along.
So those first vampires could create others, though I made it require a ritual to keep the population in check. In this setting than, vampires are a disease of the spirit rather than a possessing demon, soul returned from hell, or some magical force binding them like a lich.

Vampire Page

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