Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Ceteri-B Team Henry Joins the Team 1/27/2020

So we had our first session with my character this Monday, this is my recap and description. These posts are meant to share some of the experiences possible in GURPS that IMO no other RPG system can fully provide. This is a game session notes from one players perspective - for more details see the gamemasters recaps.


Henry H. Norris is a young (very young! at 19) private investigator working for a small firm called the TIP Agency which handles a variety of cases. Hes an orphan from  the Lorna Road Massacre (in game event) who upon maturity inherited and lives in his grandmothers small house. He earns a surprising amount of money working for TIP. Hes a capable athlete and placed 18th in the Boston Marathon last year.

Henry is allowed a lot of autonomy in his work for TIP despite his young age because he has a strong track record of good instincts, taking care of himself, and the ability to get the job done. In fact this reputation is extended to the Boston PD where he is often referred to as "Deadeye"for his uncanny ability to spot things and as an expert shot with a gun.
Referenced Traits: Acute Vision 2, Charisma +1, Clear Sight (Supernatural vision metatrait), Detective! -13, Extra Attack (Multistrike), Guns! -15, Patron "Mountain" Mike (Owner of TIP Agency, so his boss is a Patron), Reputation +1 (local police), Very Fit, Wealth.

Session Date Aug 2001

Sitting in his sedan Henry was staking out his clients house when the wife (whom he was hired to follow for suspicion of cheating on her husband) pulled out a knife and appeared to be ready to stab her husband in the back. Not exactly good for business!
As he thought quickly about whether to shoot through the window or if he had time to run into the house and stop her, two men ran into the house (breaking down the door with a fire axe!).

That decided the issue and he sprinted to the house. Drawing his pistol as he ran he came upon an unexpected sight in the living room. One of the intruders was wrestling the wife while the other watched and his client was freaking out. As soon as he could he drew his gun, told Mrs. Kudrow (the wife) to drop the knife and the intruders not to move. The one watching threateningly snapped and extended his stick (some kind of baton), the two on the ground ignored him, and poor Mr. Kudrow was still freaking out and actually asked Henry "Are you the one shes cheating with?".
The whole thing seemed to be escalating in a very bad way...

Aiming at the heads of both the intruders (Using Targeted Attack, Extra Attack and Enhanced Tracking 2) he again ordered them to stand down and Mr. Kudrow to step away from them and towards him where he could be protected. The one on the ground appeared to be trying to pull a ring off Mrs. Kudrow's finger which appeared somehow wrong giving him pause. 

The guy on the ground pulled the ring off and Mrs. Kudrow changed her demeanor immediately, becoming confused and frantic rather than aggressive. She was let go and ran to her husband and they seemed to reconcile. The intruders seemed all too casual, not standing down, and one even asked her about her coin collection!
They mostly ignored Henry, possibly reasonable since he hadn't shot them yet, though infuriating (luckily he has no bad temper disadvantage) and started talking about cursed objects and such. Mr. Kudrow seemed happy to accept that, and though skeptical Henry asked Mr. Kudrow if he wanted the police called in or not. He said no, stiffed some cash in Henry's hand (and getting between him and the intruders), they offered to replace the door. Henry escorted them outside and questioned them further. After a brief explanation Amos (the one with the baton) suggested they go somewhere to talk instead of on the lawn. Henry agreed.

Henry followed them in his car to a pub, they went around to a back entrance and once inside, well things changed. There appeared to be all manner of supernatural creatures inside all peacefully eating and drinking. Having read and studied a bit about the Occult, but especially owing to his own instinctive supernatural abilities Henry seemed to take this surprisingly in stride. Still skeptical, but getting less so by the minute they talked at a table (elf waitress? pixie camping at the table?) while Henry closely looked them and the place over but could see no hidden cameras or special effects features and no one appeared to be wearing disguises (he can see really really well), at one point even praying for guidance. The Voice that sometimes talk to him in his head said he was in the right place. Henry then offered to join them and they accepted.
After a surprisingly good meal, and exchange of business cards, Henry decided to digest it and clear his head by running a few miles before heading home.


That night Henry had a dream of a little girl and a doll that seemed evil and looked right at him, causing him to wake up. In the morning after reviewing it he decided it was an old clients daughter.
In the morning he checked on the client and all seemed well for the moment but he should talk about this with these cursed object hunters. Also he needs to check on Mr. and Mrs. Kudrow and make sure not only is everything good with them but that there are no bad feelings with his client.

Mechanics or Understanding the Game

If your unfamiliar with GURPS the above narrative should still be mostly understandable, but some of the terminology might not. Consider how easy the above is to do in the game systems your used to and please read on.
GURPS uses hit locations (though for simplicity you can just call everything a torso hit) and anyone can try to attack any location they can see. Some body parts are harder to hit than others - in this case the head and inflict a skill penalty to succeed. 
  • Targeted Attack is a technique or limited skill to reduce that penalty, 
  • Aiming is an action where you take a little time to get a bonus to hit (for ranged attacks like bows and guns) instead of immediately shooting.
  • Extra Attack is an advantage letting you make an extra attack, in this case one was used to aim so he could have still shot with the other normal attack.
  • Enhanced Tracking is an advantage that lets you aim or keep an eye on multiple things at once.
All those are really handy for your cinematic gunfighter!

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