Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Totem Powers - Imbuements

I have looked at Imbuements but never played them, though that is about to change. I will be playing a Mystic in one game and have been playing a powers based shaman in another for awhile now. Shadow Speaker relies on Afflictions, Totem-Bearer with Horse and Raven, and tokens for Bear, Dove, and Turtle. This gives him a decent mix of abilities which I have used to fine tune a few things.
However, I have been looking at ways to improve the buffing role and with the thought going into the Mystic of Horus I have some ideas on Imbuements to go along with GURPS Powers: Totem and Nature Spirits.

So here are some ideas on what Imbuements fit specific totems. This list is drawn from GURPS Power-Ups 1: Imbuements and several Pyramid issues. Remember whats appropriate is up to the setting and the GMs interpretation, some are pretty obvious, while others are more of a stretch. So these are just some ideas.

  • All: Dancing Weapon, Ghostly Weapon, Healthful Armor, Nullifying Armor (Spirit), Returning Weapon, Spiritual Defense, Supreme Control, 
  • Most Birds: Aerial Operation, Arching Shot, Far Shot, Guided Weapon, Homing Weapon, Stabilizing Shot.
  • Baselisk: Acid Weapon, Corrosive Strike,
  • Bear: Crushing Attack, Forceful Blow.
  • Beaver: Aquatic Operation,
  • Cougar/Puma: Agile Operation,
  • Coyote: Arching Shot,
  • Deer: Agile Operation,  Hasten Vehicle, 
  • Dolphin: Aquatic Operation, Crushing Attack, Ramming Vehicle,
  • Dove: Dazzling Display,
  • Eagle:  Impaling Strike,
  • Electric Eel: Electric Weapon, Fulminating Strike,
  • Elemental (Air): Imbue 1 – Deafening Display, Supreme Control, Thunderous Defense. Imbue 2 – Arching Shot, Far Shot, Guided Weapon, Returning Weapon. Imbue 3 – Electric Weapon, Insulated Armor.
  • Elemental (Earth): Imbue 1 – Crushing Strike, Lighten Armor, Reinforce Weapon. Imbue 2 – Reinforce Armor, Shattershot. Imbue 3 – Blunting Armor, Impenetrable Armor, Padded Armor, Penetrating Strike.
  • Elemental (Fire): Imbue 1 – Ghostly Weapon, Spiritual Defense. Imbue 2 –Annihilating Weapon, Burning Strike, Blinding Defense, Dazzling Display. Imbue 3 –
  • Fireproof Armor, Incendiary Weapon.
  • Elemental (Water): Imbue 1 – Rigid Armor, Stealthy Attack, Subtle Defense, Underwater Strike, Imbue 2 – Fatiguing Strike. Imbue 3 – Binding Shot, Chilling Strike, Impaling Strike, Restorative Armor.
  • Elephant: Animate Vehicle, Armored Vehicle, Crushing Attack, Forceful Blow, Lighten Armor, Ramming Vehicle,
  • Hippopotamus: Armored Vehicle, Ramming Vehicle,
  • Horse: Agile Operation, Animate Vehicle, Efficient Vehicle, Hardy Vehicle, Hasten Vehicle, Tireless Mount,
  • Hummingbird: Agile Operation,
  • Marten: Bank Shot, Clinging Vehicle, Impaling Strike,
  • Mole: Stealthy Attack, Underground Operation,
  • Octopus/Squid: Telescoping Blow.
  • Otter: Aquatic Operation,
  • Owl: Stealthy Attack,
  • Peacock: Deafening Display,
  • Porcupine: Vengeful Defense,
  • Raven:
  • Snake: Drugged Weapon, Envenomed Weapon, Sudden Death, Toxic Strike.
  • Songbird:
  • Spider: Binding Shot, Envenomed Weapon, Sudden Death, Toxic Strike, Vampiric Weapon,
  • Turtle: Armored Vehicle, Dancing Shield, Impenetrable Armor, Widen Shield.
  • Wolf: Crippling Blow,
  • Unicorn:

Working List (Not every published Imbuement is included and several arent used in the lists above)

·        Acid Weapon, Aerial Operation, Agile Operation, All-Terrain Operation, Alluring Vehicle, Animate Vehicle, Annihilating Weapon, Aquatic Operation, Arching Shot, Armored Vehicle, Bank Shot, Binding Shot, Blinding Defense, Blunting Armor, Burning Strike, Chameleon Vehicle, Chilling Strike, Clinging Vehicle, Conic Blast, Continuing Attack, Corrosive Strike, Crippling Blow, Crushing Attack, Cutting Strike, Dancing Shield, Dancing Weapon, Dazzling Display, Deafening Display, Drugged Weapon, Efficient Vehicle, Electric Weapon, Energizing Defense, Envenomed Weapon, Expand Armor, Far Shot, Fatiguing Strike, Fireproof Armor, Forceful Blow, Fulminating Strike, Ghostly Weapon, Guided Weapon, Hardy Vehicle, Hasten Vehicle, Healthful Armor, Homing Weapon, Impaling Strike, Impenetrable Armor, Incendiary Weapon, Insulated Armor, Lighten Armor, Multi-Shot, Multistrike, Nullifying Armor (Spirit), Padded Armor, Penetrating Strike, Phantom Hold, Phasing Vehicle, Piercing Strike, Project Blow, Ramming Vehicle, Reinforce Armor, Reinforce Weapon, Resilient Armor, Restorative Armor, Returning Weapon, Rigid Armor, Self-Repairing Vehicle, Shattering Shot, Shockwave,  Sovereign Armor, Spiritual Defense, Stabilizing Shot, Stable Vehicle, Stalwart Vehicle, Stealthy Attack, Strike of Negation, Stupefying Blow, Subtle Defense, Sudden Death, Superior Life Support, Supreme Control, Telescoping Blow, Thunderous Defense, Tireless Mount, Toxic Strike, Transform Vehicle, Traumatic Blow, Underground Operation, Vacuum Operation, Vampiric Weapon, Vengeful Defense, Widen Shield, Withering Strike

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