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Ceteri B Team Recap Session 10, Season 3

This week the team has its big fight!

Amos figured out where the next attack was going to be and the group staked the house out, turns out to be the former house of Timothy a member of the team who vanished and was Dillon's brother. Unfortunately when the team arrives Henry sees the bad guy drinking tea in the kitchen and the residents tied up in the garage., so much for stealthily saving them.
Henry informs his companions and they go through a side door with Dillon picking the lock. As they enter they trip a magical trap that hits them for 5 HP, except for Lorenzo who avoids it entirely.
The bad guy seems not to have noticed so Henry cuts the prisoners loose and escorts them outside while the others prepare for a fight. Henry warns the family to get out of here and go to a hotel or something and the place is likely to be a crime scene and secured by the police -if they can stop the killer and to keep low if they dont stop him.  They needed little encouragement and head out in a hurry.
Note: Some of this recap will include mechanics for GURPS readers to follow along and others to get a feel for the system. This is basically a Boss fight, so its going to be extra hard. Also, as my narratives are this is from Henry's point of view as hes my character. See the GM's recap here

A Tea Party?

Henry has been keep his ear open for sounds of fighting so knows he has time to see the family off.  However as he heads back into the garage he finds it empty and the door into the house ajar. Looking through the walls (lovely ability, Penetrating Vision 2 for seeing through up to one foot of material) he sees the others talking with the bad guy in the kitchen. That's odd...
Henry approaches (gun drawn) to hear them talking, sees a dead body on the floor and the villain introducing himself and discussing his plans and how he laid this trap for the team. His name is Billy Bedlam and hes been killing people for hundreds of years (see Jack the Ripper). Also the reason he looks so much like Timothy is they have the same father-Caine (as in Caine and Abel), meaning Dillon isnt just a distant relation but a direct son of Caine himself. Yep, this guy is one bad dude and probably impossible to kill. He tells the team as Henry comes into the entrance that his boss says not to kill them and his mission was just to summon his boss which he has already done. As Henry here's this Billy finishes his tea and politely asks if were going to let him go or if hes going to have to kill us. Amos seems to err on the smart side and is inclined to let him go, and Henry is trying to figure out a way he can try to stop him without getting everyone else killed when Billy brags how he scattered the cursed objects around as part of the trap. That seems enough to push Dillon over the edge, which is noticed by Billy who he really seems to want to fight.
At that point everyone seems to have decided there is no choice...


William (Billy) starts things off by fast drawing his knife and trying to slash Dillon's fingers (not going for a lethal strike seriously showing his confidence) but Dillon Fast-Draws his own knife and Parries then counter attacks with a strike to the vitals, also Parried.
Lorenzo whips out his shield and tries to smash William in the head but gets Judo parried for his efforts. Henry fires three quick shots at Williams face (Targeted Attack Guns!/Face),his revolver was loaded for a spirit or Doppelganger fight so hes just hoping to blind him. Salt Rock, Holy Water filled round than a Baton round, all dodged or parried. Amos fires off a Reactive Ward but William's amulet counters it. 
Turn 2: William follows up his Judo parry and throws Lorenzo to the ground between him and Henry. He then slashes at Dillons neck but is parried, Dillon counters with an attack that is again parried. Lorenzo opts to stay on the ground to give Henry clear line of fire and tries to stab William in the foot with his spear, but of course William defends. Henry fires his remaining two rounds (5 round shotgun revolver) this time rifled slugs but they are dodged, his remaining attack is used to empty the revolver (Henry has Extra Attack with same weapon and can be used as a Ready and uses one of his attacks as a Ranged Rapid Strike, he can fire 3 rounds at full skill). Amos figures out the necklace is an Aegis Amulet which is a very effective magic defense.
Turn 3: William tries to kick Lorenzo in the nuts but is blocked, then slashes at Dillon who parries then counterattacks and gets himself Judo parried. Henry Crits his Fast Draw roll and the GM rules hes able to grab the speed loader and load it as a Free Action. This one is all rifled slugs and he fires off three, 2 dodged and one parried with the knife. Yay, he can parry bullets with his knife.
Amos fores off a Paling spell which surrounds William and hopefully will injure him if he touches it.
Turn 4: William sneers at Amos and tells them that wont hold him long, then starts a Dispelling spell. (GURPS uses one second Turns but generally allows short speeches like this because its cool). Dillon throws two shuriken at Williams knee and one actually hits, though seems not to be noticed. Lorenzo makes another stab and its parried. Henry shoots his last two rounds as a Ranged Rapid Strike, using his remaining Ready to holster the revolver. Amos tosses an insect swarm summoning herbal but its caught with Williams foot who plays hacky sack with it while easily dodging and parrying everyone's attacks. Show off.
Turn 5: William continues casting.Dillon slashes at the neck hoping to cut off the amulet or grab it but is dodged. Lorenzo manages to scratch Williams hand with his spear. Henry considers trying to slam William and knock him into the barrier spell but figures hell just dodge then stab Henry in the back so Fast Draws his regular pistol so he doesn't have to waste time reloading. He knows it wont hurt as bad but at this point he figures ts better to fire as many times as possible and hope he gets lucky. Amos scoops up the hot teakettle with his staff.
Turn 6: William finishes his spell and easily removes the barrier. Dillion again goes for the neck and amulet while Lorenzo acrobatically gets up and tries a stab at Williams back. Both are easily defended against even though hes still playing hacky sack. Henry activates a charm to increase his Accuracy then fires off two more shots at the face,  but all are dodged. Amos slings the teakettle at Williams feet, burning him slightly and hoping it makes the wax floor slippery.
Turn 7: William apparently decides to stop playing around. He kicks the herbal into the air, grabbing it with his boot and activates a charm giving him Altered Time Rate and then runs to Henry's side and tries to stab him twice in the vitals. Henry tries a Feverish Defense and dodges both. Dillon throws two knives at William, dodged of course. Lorenzo moves up a bit, avoiding slipping on the water and readies his spear while calling for Henry to get behind him. Henry does just that, but its a full move so cant attack. Amos drops a sleep pastille on the stove but it has no effect (Amos not surprised but running out of options as is everyone else). Everyone else is now in the living room.
Turn 8: William charges Lorenzo triggering his Wait and causing him get stabbed in the leg and drop the herbal. Insects are summoned but don't seem to bother him.William then slashes at Lorenzo and Dillon, and Dillon takes a nasty hit to the face. Dillon makes a couple of HT rolls but has Unstoppable (MH Power-Up) and stabs back, missing. Lorenzo uses his Medic! to to an instant patch on Dillon, removing the knife and stopping the bleeding. Henry fires 3 shots but all are dodged. Amos directs the swarm.
Turn 9: William tries another set of slashes against Lorenzo and Dillon but they dodge, Dillon counters and actually lands a hit, cutting Williams throat! Lorenzo stabs but is dodged. Henry finally comes up with an idea and switches his Learned Prayer from "Track Prey" (Enhanced Tracking and Peripheral Vision) to "Wings of an Angel" (Altered Time Rate for movement only) and fires two shots at Williams vitals which are of course dodged. Amos reminds William that his master does not want any of us killed to which he replies "Nothing was said about your condition" and brags about how his knives were covered in his shit.
Turn 10: William stabs Henry in the abdomen, requiring two HT checks (Henry and Dillon both have HT 14, Very Fit, and Very Rapid Healing so are good at making HT rolls) and trades blows with Dillon. Lorenzo stabs and misses and Henry runs past everyone and barely into the garage, taking a full Move to do so (is at half Move from damage) and using his remaining turn to activate a healing charm. Amos stands in the kitchen and crosses his arms.
Turn 11: William stabs Lorenzo, nearly killing him and knocking him unconscious. Dillon stabs and misses. Henry thinking he has a clever idea uses his Clear Sight (Penetrating Vision plus other vision abilities) to aim through the sheet rock wall at the back of Williams head, avoiding the wall studs. Unfortunately William dodges two of the three shots (Henry was hoping for surprise plus back penalties but he seems to have Danger Sense) and the bullet that enters his skull is not enough to stop him. Amos stands there, apparently waiting to die.
Turn 12: William Trades misses with Dillon while closing on Amos and Henry continues firing to no avail.
Turn 13: William grans Amos'es hand and sticks it on the hot stove but Amos uses Auto-hypnosis to ignore the pain. Dillon attacks but is dodged, Henry manages to get another hit in the head to no apparent effect. Amos stands there not presenting a threat or resisting.
Turn 14: William, frustrated at an unresisting Amos sheathes his knife and walks out. Dillon and Henry both attack as he leaves but he easily dodges.
Turn 15: Headed out of combat time. Dillon uses First Aid on Lorenzo as Henry runs back into the room. Henry tries to figure out which one to cast his Lesser Succor on (which would still take 5 minutes) as both Dillon and Lorenzo are seriously injured when Amos coldly and impatiently tells him to use Greater Succor, prompting him to remember* he has another charm. Used on Lorenzo it fully heals him and then he casts his spell on Dillon only partially healing him. 
Lorenzo does his Medic! thing on Dillon and Amos while Henry asks the team if they want to stick around for the police or leave the scene while he calls them. With all the gunfire they should already be on the way but its been less than a minute since the first shots were fired. They elect to stay and Henry calls 911 and then Detective Gosnell, since this was really her case plus its handy to have a friendly face on the scene..
* He really didnt have an extra but the GM prompted Henry could use a Destiny point for a gizmo to have it.


The police arrive and are talked to by Henry and Lorenzo while Amos nods quietly and Dillon tries not to bleed everywhere. Henry called them, has a PI Licence, gun permit, and a +1 reputation with the police department so takes the lead, while Lorenzo is a volunteer firefighter, local hero and all around charming guy. There is blood everywhere but everyone is wrapped in bandages so the magically healed wounds cant be seen without taking them off.
The team is taking to the station and interrogated for a few hours until the family is reached and corroborates the story. As they leave they are given a standing ovation by the police on duty.
They didnt catch the guy but obviously put their lives on the line trying to stop a serial killer and gave the police valuable information and a description. Henry makes certain that its clear that the guy is incredibly dangerous and seems to feel no pain. He hopes that is enough to keep the uniforms cautious.

When he has a private moment with Det. Gosnell, Henry explains that this guy killed more people than she thought and offers her his files. Some details are left unsaid but he tells her that they figured out he was targeting those suspected of murder for some ritualistic killing and that pattern led him to the house and why he had to bring his victim there instead of killing the family for it.
Also he lets her know that the surviving patient was a serial killer himself and she should get a warrant based on his relation to the crimes as he may have been an accomplice who had outlived his usefulness. Its not true but that will let her find evidence of his previous crimes as he likely kept trophies. Closing out some old cases should be good for her career and bring some justice to the families. Also a prosecutor and the department might want to pursue the accomplice angle (He was the only victim left alive) and tidy things up "in the public interest" (meaning good press and a prosecutor owing her a favor).
 Henry has Charisma +1, Savoir-Faire (Police),  and Talker! to do this subtly so as to avoid any implications.


This was a really tough fight. Overall we handled ourselves pretty well in making the best calls we could, we were just totally outclassed.  However in review there were a couple of mistakes made and things we should work on going forward.
Henry probably should have used Fast-Firing technique (he paid for it after all) after pulling out the smaller pistol. He was hoping for a critical hit to bypass the parries or dodges but with Fast-Firing he could have shot 5 rounds instead of 3; still 3 dodge rolls but two attacks would have had 2 bullets each (RoF 2, Recoil 3) which means if he failed to Dodge he could have been hit with two bullets. I especially should have tried that on the first shot through the wall when I though I had an improved chance to hit him. It likely would have made no difference but it should have been tried.
I did try and consider other ammo options, tear gas, smoke, but decided they would hurt the others in the team more than William. Dillon and Amos would have ignored the tear gas,and Amos could have used his Bat charm for the smoke but it seemed too risky. However going forward its a tactic we should be prepared to use.
I was really proud of the idea of running behind a wall to shoot him from behind and out of sight and I think it would have worked on most foes. But I dont think it really got through his DR, regardless it was way too little for him to care about.
Also we need to prepare some area effect attacks that indirectly affect the target such as glycerin/grease grenades or magic ice slicks. Using them in tight quarters will be an issue but we could have sure footed charms. I doubt it would have worked on William as he seemed very agile but other foes dodge well too so its something to consider.
Also Henry needs a light prayer or spell that blinds, I made one up to run by the GM for after the break and it would work for his upcoming Wuxxia game too. That really would not have worked here because of his amulet but could be handy against vampires and werewolves.
Finally, Henry still seems a liability in combat and seemed to do the least damage (if any) of the three fighters, and Amos does more damage and has more versatility with his staff sling when he uses that. Not sure how or if I can address that.

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