Saturday, April 4, 2020

Ceteri - Team B Season 3 Session 8.3

Its been four and a half months of training hunting, and more training for the team.
GM Recap here
Lorenzo has been pretty much running things at the firehouse and Dillion doing contract jobs, while Amos and Henry each have put in massive hours of intense training. Amos learned more magic and some combat training from his Aunt Justine, and Henry magic training from his familiar Bishop.
Henry has been checking in at the job and doing a few quick jobs here and there but also done some hunting and had some work done on the house to prepare for his new role.
He consecrated his house and the back yard, added some books to his library, had a forge built in the backyard, a charm making work space, and an armoury (firearms) shop in the basement.  He bought a new 12 gauge revolver so that he can have a variety of special rounds for monster hunting.

A New Case

Feb 15th Henry gets a call from Detective Ronnie Gosnell over at Boston Metro who requests he comes over to a suicide that she does not think is really a suicide. Shes got good instincts and tends to get handed the strange cases nobody else wants. So Henry immediately heads over. 
They talk while Henry looks over the scene, the victims wrists were cut very deeply and there was some occult writing on a window. Henry decides to call in the team.

Meanwhile Amos is trying to catch up on his sleep and doing his best to ignore a giant raven throwing pebbles at his window. Poor bird cant get past the magical wards around the house.
Dillion comes home and the bird asks him to wake Amos up.  Conversation and weird things occur before Henry calls to arrange a meeting.

Gathering of Clues

Combining their resources the group determines there has been one of these suicides every day since the beginning of the month, except one guy critically wounded but not dead. Henry and Lorenzo go to Boston General to check on the survivor, Lorenzo charms his doctor friend Gina and Henry requests to see the patient and (rolling a 5 on Talker!) Henry manages to persuade her its related to a case. Lorenzo and Amos check out the firehouse where another victim was killed and find more symbols.  Amos checks the lines and it turns out everyone was killed on a line and in an order that leads to the next likely murder.
They decide to stake it out.

End Session

Short session, but we were on a roll in the clue department and it was getting late for a fight.
During the intervening time the team spent time training together and monster hunting and built up knowledge of each other and they all know about Henry's Clear Sight, Bishop, and that Henry can now cast spells and learned to actively use his Mystic powers (Divine Favor). Spell lists were also shared so we have an idea on what can be cast.

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