Saturday, July 11, 2020

Why this Kickstarter is a Great Time to take a fresh look at GURPS!

So the latest GURPS Kickstarter has achieved its funding and all stretch goals, I think to no ones surprise. As of this writing its at $50,740 with 2,401 backers.
1,062 at the $3 level to get all 12 PDFs.
407 at the $30 level to get all the PDFs and $30 credit towards additional GURPS PDFs.
280 at the $99 level to get 12 PDFs plus $125 credit towards additional GURPS PDFs.
98 at the $49 New to GURPS level to get the PDFs plus the GURPS Basic Set in PDF.
And we have 53 hours to go!

The number of total backers is great as many of those are new to GURPS, or at least the kickstarter GURPS.  And the New to GURPS level is an exciting benchmark as well, especially since some people will have chosen the higher $99 level instead so they get that sweet discount.
The $3 level is probably mostly current GURPS people who have most of the supplements they want already, though it likely also includes some just looking to get a taste.

I think this campaign was successful enough that we will see more like it, perhaps an annual event. The idea was inspired by the CEO Phil Reed who has done several systemless projects, including some like this. If you like ANY RPG you should follow him. Seriously.

A few people have posted ideas to help people figure out what to spend that credit on when Backerkit comes out in a week or two.
Matt Riggsby, a popular and prolific author posted this on his blog.
Peter Del'Orto the author of the Megadungeons book posted this list

So here is my list...
First, if your new to GURPs This page should be helpful, especially the linked FAQ and Primers. But it really boils down to build what you want (with setting and campaign guidelines) and to do something you typically roll 3d6 under the appropriate skill or attribute level.
Ok to my list...
Tricked Out Rides, Boardroom and Curia: Tomorrow Rides, and Action 7 Mercenaries support the GURPS Action line which is a series of supplements aimed at playing GURPS as a movie action hero.
Monster Hunters Encounters 1 and How to be a GURPS GM: Ritual Path Magic support the Monster Hunters line (Someday it will get a category on the main GURPS book page) which is designed to emulate modern secret magic or alien hunting settings. Series like The Dresden Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Shadow Hunters, The Librarian, Warehouse 13, Men in Black, and many more. Ritual Path Magic is also popular in fantasy settings or those where variety is desired over closed spell lists.
Dungeon Fantasy Adventures 3: Deep Night and the Star and Dungeon Fantasy 21: Megadungeons support the Dungeon Fantasy line, easily the most popular GURPS genre sub line. Basically its old school dungeon crawling but in GURPS so allows more flexibility and detail to those who want it. For those tired of constraining character classes or want extra options like specifically targeting hit locations, feints, and putting some tactics into your games its a great choice. And for those who want to skip some of those details they can, even in the same game where the swashbuckler stabs for the vitals the barbarian could swing for the neck or the warrior could just ignore all that and strike at the torso or rely on luck for a more deadly hit.
Reign of Steel: Read the Sky is an adventure set on the post apocalyptic Reign of Steel setting where the machines took over the world. Its a Third Edition setting but has had updates for the current and Fourth Edition. Worth mentioning that all the Third Edition settings (and there are many) are easy to update to the current edition.The change was more a matter of streamlining and very few rules actually changed, mostly the difference is point costs and a lot of clarification based on common questions.
Hot Spots: The Incense Trail is yet another in a series of historical Hot Spots and Locations (not all historical and even the historical are set up for dropping into your settings). These are good inspirational books helpful in a lot of ways.
Template Toolkit 3: Starship Crew by the GURPS line editor and publisher of many GURPS books will help players and GMs quickly build crew for starships (likely easily tweaked for sailing vessels too). This is a good example of a typical GURPS supplement, you wont need it to do the job or play that kind of campaign but it helps by saving time with examples and guidelines and makes missing important traits less likely.  Typically some rules are clarified or explained in how they can be applied to the subject and often add a few new traits to better model that subject.
SteamPunk Setting: The Broken Clockwork World is a setting book supporting the Steampunk genre, currently at three books and some Pyramid articles. Though its yet to get a Topic or Series entry in the GURPS book page (You would think the CEO merited more attention to his material!).
Horror: Beyond the Pale is a creepy horror adventure by two prolific authors and one of my favorite setting writers in J. Edward Tremlett. The horror genre has quite a few GURPS books in it.


 So what am I buying with my pledge? A few Pyramid back issues, GURPS Fantasy (I own a printed copy but PDFs are more handy) and a few Classics like GURPS China that I used to own in printed form but lost over the years.
The $3 pledge is a great value for anyone, 12 books for that price is awesome, even if your only interested in 1 of them. Likely several will have something of interest, even to non GURPS players. GURPS uses plain English measurements and terminology so adapting its material to other systems.
I and others are hoping newcomers will be impressed enough with the writing they decide to give my favorite system a try.
Maybe you'll even like and buy some of my work!

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