Wednesday, December 23, 2020

GURPS Next Kickstarter! Pyramid Scheme

 I been waiting to see when this was announced and it will launch after Christmas which is great for those who spent money on presents and such. The Kickstarter link shows little info so far but a comment was added to a previous kickstarter with more detail > See that here.

Some great ideas just dont need enough word count to fill up a full supplement and this kind of thing gives them a chance to see daylight. I wrote an article for the Magic issue called Supernatural Energy which I'll hint is two old ideas, one submitted to Pyramid but cut for space and the other drafted but never sent in before Pyramid went away as a monthly issue. It has utility for any magic system, though more for certain ones such as Powers based magic. It addresses two concepts, both been talked about from time to time  and one very dear to my heart. The titles and authors are intriguing and this is a solid must buy for me.

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