Sunday, December 13, 2020

TTJP Episode 20 Oh the Smell!


Casting: Tiger Team!

  • Jian Wu (Two) (Christian) 14M; Our smith and all around craftsman, carries a huge sword and Master of Dragon Man Kung Fu.
  • Jiao Ting (Eight) (Chris D) 14M; Reckless grappler; Black Palm
  • Liang Jing Min (Five) (Randy) 14M; Noble, on the outs with family; Chinese Spear Fighting.
  • Nongmin Chushi (Seven) (Rory) 14M; He talks to spirits, inquisitive and charming perhaps a wee bit too friendly to strangers. Shaman, Eagle Fist Chin Na, Quarterstaff.
  • Shang Yi (One) (Calvin) 14M; Natural leader and archer. Shedao
  • Zhiyu Zhige (Nine) (Laurie) 14F; Sorcerer specializing in healing. Eagle Fist Chin Na.
  • He Bohi (Eleven) 14M; Twin, grew up near the docks. Eagle Fist Chin Na, focused on striking.
  • He Donghai (Twelve) 14M;, Twin, Eagle Fist Chin Na, focused on grappling.
  • Ko Lanfen (Four) 14F; Solid Order devotee. Tai Chi Chuan,
  • Laoshu (Three aka Mouse) 15F; Quiet and deadly with a knife. Dagger Fighting
  • Meiyou Ren (Six) 14M; Also good with a blade, possibly any blade.
  • Rang Baozhai (Ten) 15F; Our bookworm and nerd. Eagle Fist Chin Na and Xiangliu's Bite (Crossbow).

Save the Water!

After reconnecting with each other the bulk of the team heads to the cisterns which has been identified as a likely target.  We enter only to find the place stinks and has already been sabotaged!
Exploring the tunnels we spot something like a water elemental with mud, Chushi greets it pleasantly. Unfortunately, it is less than friendly and vomits sewage at Chushi who manages to dodge.
As Zhige prepares a foxfire spell, Yi puts a two arrows into it, Wu slaps it with the side of his blade, Ting slams it (ewww) for enough to knock it down to a puddle, which he then jumps into (again, ewww). Another appears and vomits all over Wu (crit failed his Dodge),who falls down and is nauseated. 
Another comes out from behind the one Ting is swimming in and attacks Ting before Chushi finally gets an attack and he projects his spirit at the one on Wu (TK Punch, Dodge at -4) hurting it a little- though at least Chushi does not have to get his hands dirty!
Jing Min then tries to stab it but it dodges, Ren then does Rapid Strikes, and Zhige closes the deal by tossing a fireball at rearmost excremental which explodes and causes a massive explosion taking out all the rest (including ones we hadn't even seen yet) and encompassing most of the party.  Most of us try to duck under the water, Bohi and Zhige fail taking the most damage from the friendly fire.

We have a Healer!

After all those explosions, everyone needed some healing but luckily we have a rather capable healer. We nervously continue and find no more but the cistern is polluted. Chushi tries calling for water elementals to see if they can clean the place up and save the water supply. He starts scooping out debris while calling out and as one arrives he asks it to cleanse the place.  Getting a Good reaction roll several show up (apparently the city had them here already but they were bound till we killed the excrementals) and they clean the water and the party.

On to the Sewers!

Our next mission was the sewers, trouble is they are all over the city so we need intel. We send the twins out to ask around as they know the city and Zhige does divination.
About dawn we arrive at an inn Zhige led us too. Casing the place we enter through all the entrances with Chushi coming in from the roof.  We easily sneak past the guards and takeout the 16 cultists, then go back for the guards later.  Determining the inn is really a brothel and they dug out an entrance to the sewers from the basement where we also find a bunch of barrels with black powder.  After tying everyone up we send for a messenger and call in the Minister of Affairs to take custody.  Then we head into the sewers to try and catch the ones who are apparently placing bombs on the rich side of town.
But thats for next session...

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