Friday, May 21, 2021

Delvers to Go!

 The latest project for GURPS from Gaming Ballistic Delvers to Go! has just 4 days to go. Its met its opening goal but ity would be great if it hits some stretch goals.  So what is it?

Well its basically a quickstart supplement for creating dungeon fantasy characters in just a few minutes. The author has explained and listed some great examples on the kickstarter and his blog over at Gaming Ballistic.  Creating charecters in GURPS can be slow, especially when your new to the system and need to read the books to be sure you grabbed everything you wanted and could afford. Likewise, even for a GM creating a NPC on the fly because the players did something unexpected can pause the game.

This is a great help for both those situations, and for teaching or introducing new players to your games.

Go back it now!

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