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ATTG Season 1 B-Team, Session 10: We Need to Have a Talk



  • Adelphin "Adel" Jean-Baptiste (Laurie) Domains (Death and Magic), child of  Werethekau and Baron Samedi. Machiavellian meddler. Power unto herself. Adelphin can kill with a glance, manipulate magic as if she were born to it (she was), and doesn't seem to be able to actually die. Tagline: "I'm not the devil, but betray me and I will show you hell".
    • Siv (NPC) Child of Odin, handed to Adelphin for protection.
    • Cosmos aka Management (Ally), an unusual cat that is her hotel manager.
    • Rui Qui (Ally) Theogenic demigod, hacker, magician.
  • Liam O'Shea (Randy) Domain (Strength) and child of Dagda. A huge, powerful, and deadly warrior. A druid and generally a likeable guy. Taught the old ways but is comfortable with the modern. He's traveled much of the world and is looking to see even more. Tagline: "I told you I wouldn't fit."
  • Mitzidu Ito (Rory) Domains (Business, Hearth/kitchen), child of Inari and Kojin. The teams business guru, event planner and entertainer. Taglines: "Life never tasted this good before!" and "The Hearth is the heart of the home, but food is the soul of a community"
  • Suveer Patel (Christian) Domain (Clearing Obstructions), child of Ganesh.  Martial artist and student of a thousand styles, Suveer is one of the teams upfront fighters with fists or his gauda (mace). He can get past any obstacle put before him. Tagline: "You are in front of me and no obstacle can stop me. Find a better place to be."
  • Yannis Papadopoulos aka The Courier (Chris D.) Domains (Communication, Secrets, Rainbows), child of Harpocrates and Arke. Team sneaker and postman. If you see him, its already too late, your package has been delivered. Tagline: "The thirty minutes or less policy is for those that like to live dangerously."
  • Chad (NPC), child of Cupid
  • Auriol (NPC)


The last session ended with the party having gone to Tartarus to fetch a piece of the sword and failing to acquire it.  However they did rescue an old friend of Mitzadus and the adoptive father to Adelphin - Koschei the Deathless.
Baba Yaga, Koscheis wife was notified and arr9ived quickly at the Karnival hotel.


This was a roleplay and noncombat session, so I break down some of the conversations Mitzadu was party too.

Press Conference

Mitzadu called a press conference, it being the next day after his house was burned down.  He informed the press that he had talked with the Police Chief and offered his support for her plans should she get the Mayors approval. This will lead the press to ask her questions, but they were doing that anyhow with all the recent violence. At least now they have outside confirmation she has a plan in place so it should help her out and put some pressure on the mayor.  The mayor can either roll with it or not. If he does not he needs to come up with another plan the public really likes, but if he rolls with the plan Mitzadu made he can look like a hero if it works and blame others if it fails.
As Mitzadu is not a politician his political risk is low but having both the police chief and the mayor reap the rewards for his idea and financial backing will help him long term.
Mitzadu is a deal maker after all...

As the press conference ends Mitzadu calls out both the Thule Society and the Spartans, showing a drawing of their tattoo.  Mitzadu hopes this will cause some problems for the Spartans as people will be on the lookout and associate the mark with a terrorist group.
The Spartans should be annoyed by this as they prefer secrecy and even having their name aired publicly is at least a minor inconvenience. Since Mitzadu was already on their death list and they burned down his house he feels he has little to lose in that regard and he did warn Ares and Hades that he had plans to strike back.  Hopefully there will be meetings and discussion about such tactics as killing civilians.
The Spartans may of course figure that was his only move and nothing more will come of it, but they are very wrong.
The F.B.I and local police may want to have a talk with Mitzadu about his source but his plan is to claim attorney client privilege in the matter. The local police are unlikely to press the matter due to political influence, the F.B.I might be more aggressive but they have their own problems and hopefully do not want to add a local millionaire lawyer with extensive business and political connections to their list of problems.

A Talk with Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga spent the night nursing Koschei back to health and summoned everyone who was part of the rescue party to her rooms in the morning. She was not happy.
She questioned everyone, again - some highlights...
  • Liam pulled out his divining stone and we asked numerous questions.
    • Poseidon was apparently not Poseidon.
    • The other pieces to the sword are in Los Vegas. A bit risky but handy if they are to be used in the harrowing as once it starts no one can leave the area.
  • Liam was gutted so his entrails could be used for a divination.  He was immediately put back together but had a very sad and hurt look on his face.
    • Baba Yaga later brought him special cookies? as a treat.
  • Baba Yaga declared war on the Olympians.
    • Mitzadu wrote up a report in Russian on everything he knew and speculated and handed it to her to help save her some time.
    • Mitzadu later used a supernatural Contact in the Russian mob to let them know to be on the lookout and very helpful if an old friend of his from Russia drops by. He doubts she would be looking for serious resources or help but perhaps a local guide or a few lookouts while she is about her business.  If she does come around he'll know who she is, but its up to her to reveal her name if she wants to. However, she is in a very bad mood and they do not want on her bad side.
  • Auriol had her piece of the sword magically implanted in her body and cut it out to hand to Babay Yaga when Baba Yaga insisted on seeing it. The sword was then handed off to Adelphin who said she would secure it in the hotel.
  • Auriol turns out to be a Delphic Oracle, at least in line to become one when the current one dies.
  • Yannis handed back her business card, declaring she was persona non grata to him.

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