Friday, October 8, 2021

Writing Projects

 My next supplement has been sent in and in the playtest queue, probably the end of this year or first part of the next.  Also the working title has been announced!  This will be Template Toolkit: Spirits and of course I cant go into detail yet but here is a hint.

This supplement is aimed primarily at the GM and designed to help the GM quickly generate spirits and decrease the risk of missing a key trait.  However, it also includes some surprises and new material that I hope will be useful for many campaigns that use spirits.

Additionally I submitted and amd working on a few other things yet to be announced.


  1. I need that supplement for so many of my campaign ideas it isn't even funny.

    1. Well be sure to apply for the Playtest to get an early peek. Also since it directly applies to your campaign you will be in a good position to test, or at least compare to what you already did.