Thursday, May 19, 2022

GURPS Infinite Worlds: The Osiris Worlds

It starts off with references to GURPS Egypt and adds some dates and updated information since that supplement was originally published. it then goes on to describe three alternate worlds for the Infinite Worlds setting.


The premise is the Pyramids were built by aliens (or something). A lot is left to the GM but some description of the builders is given to jump[start the mystery.


The Pharaoh appears to have made an unholy alliance with some supernatural force and raised a dark armor of ghouls to conquer neighboring kingdoms.


In this timeline Cleopatra worked well with Mark Antony and Egypt and Rome became a stronger alliance and more successful overall.  This world has a bit of clockpunk and other exotic tech level to it, possibly a good basis for a clockwork or even steampunk setting in later years.


I was a bit let down by this supplement, on the other hand it was only $4 so it was very short.  The material was good, just not enough here to do more than whet the appetitive. Still a useful addition to Infinite Worlds and starting points for some adventuring.
As I reviewed this supplement I updated my Infinite Worlds setting/genre page to reflect more current information and links.  You can see links on the right for various GURPS genres or go to the GURPS Settings page on this blog for more detail and links now and as I update them. That is very much still a work in progress as I update everything from my old format.

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