Thursday, May 5, 2022

Week in Gaming 5/5/2022

So my gaming has taken a bit of a hiatus and some mixups.

The Monday game ended that campaign and we started a new one, had a session 0 this Monday. My guy  took several hits and was healed so went negative four separate times!

The Friday game died and will be restarting in a few weeks, I need to make a character and have some ideas, just need to get to it. 

The Saturday Dresden Fate game is still going on as is the Sunday Magic Vegas campaign but both are every other week and both missed a few games due to external events.

That said I need to get more regular about these recaps.

On another front I have been busy lately! Did a two week playtest for my upcoming supplement GURPS Template Toolkit: Spirits

Been working on this after the playtest and its not going in the right direction, added 2k words after the playtest as I have gone through my notes and though I cut some stuff during the playtest I am now over word count. Too early to worry about that though, I'll likely add more before I am ready to start trimming again. My deadline is June 30th.  Also been working on some projects for a friend and a couple of other things GURPS related.

Going over my notes Template Toolkit: Spirits was contracted June 2020 (that includes an outline) and we had several months of back and forth discussion before we got a contract and agreed on the content and format. Originally we were not even sure it was going to be an entry in the Template line and the playtest manuscript reflected its mixed origins. I decided to cut some material and make room for other stuff making it a better fit for the Template Toolkit line.

 So it will have been 2 years from contract to the final draft getting sent in, well over a year waiting in the playtest queue and likely several months after I send in my final draft before it gets published. If I am going to get the projects I want completed before my time runs out I will need to speed things up somehow. So sending in my next pitch soon after this one is sent in and hope I can get approval instead of waiting till after this is actually published (likely early next year).

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