Monday, August 22, 2022

Magic Vegas

The last few sessions of Magic Vegas have built to a season finale, concluding a long thread.
The campaign is an interesting and very different one than any other I have participated in. Experience rewards are very stingy, usually with no cp awarded at the end of a game session. Also its political intrigue and uses Path Magic which is a system I rather like but had not played before.


An extremist military arm of the Church that are witch hunters using Atlantean magic have come to Vegas with the intent of bringing down the council. They have been in the area for some time before we found out and likely been planning on this for about 10 years. They also bound a powerful spirit and a vampire and set them to the cause.
Our group finds all this out a few days before they attack so have a chance to prepare.

The Battle

The council meets on Getaway, another world run by the Babylonians. Not all the council is alerted due to security concerns but they key people are. The council chambers and surrounding area are swept for traps and several bombs are found and removed. Fetishes ae prepared and plans made....
Genie is summoned to answer for her attack on Wu (my character) and as predicted she summons a host of minor spoirits to help break down the ward that traps her. Wu and Virgil fill the ward full of ghost bullets to kill as many of the spirits as possible while Manners, Ambrose, and Connie try to free genie from the spells the church bound her with. Connie then has the vampire (Manuli) jump out of her bag who then attacks Bjorn as soon as the outer wards are down. The outer wards are brought down by a bunch of empowered wolfs with dispel fetishes on them.
Bjorn gets his throat ripped out by Manuli in wolf form but manages a deadly counter attack with his sword. Wu, hits Manul with a silver bullet (last one in the clip) with a critical roll of 4. Another person hits Manuli with a sword too and he dies.
Wu drops her gun and immediately tries to stop the bleeding and do emergency surgery, having been prepared for this exact wound due to divination. She has his blood type in an IV along with the exact bandages and tools right at the top of the bag. She still had a penalty on her Surgery roll but succeeds and stops the bleeding. Local magic and Bjorns fetishes help stabilize him and keep oxygen supplied to his brain and she gets him to the nearby hospital where a another roll without penalties lets her patch him up. Not sure how long he will be in the hospital but she saved him.
Meanwhile back on earth the mercenaries hired by the church killed 7 of Wu's agents, numerous civilians, and wounded or killed at least 3 magicians.
We never did directly fight church agents as they just sent in disposable goons.

The Aftermath

We got off really lucky, I think Wu and the Babylonian tradition suffered the most losses, Scarlet a magician of a tradition I do not recall is the only magician that died except for an assistant to the Babylonian delegation. They also lost many security people in the fighting outside the council chambers.
If we can track down the church we might have another fight but its possible they will skip town or lie low. However so far they lost some minor resources but no key people so probably consider it a limited victory for the church.

As a junior member of the most recent delegation Wu probably came out ahead politically, though the agents will take time to replace, quite possibly it wont happen before the campaign ends.
It was a fun game even if somewhat anticlimatic due to our plans. Enough happened that we still had some surprises and felt real risk and even loss.

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