Tuesday, March 28, 2023


The ST attribute is scaled around human realistic capabilities. For most campaigns this is ideal, but super heroic campaigns it is very expensive to  preform some of the lifting feats we see in comics.

ST does not boost a lot of skills but increases damage dealt with low tech weapons and punching plus is a big help in grappling. It also increases HP, meaning you are harder to kill. Also you can carry more so its useful even in a high tech society.


Combat in GURPS is probably among the most flexible and tactical of all RPGs out there. Grappling is a bit anemic in GURPS Basic and I would like that to change in a Fifth Edition.
GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling was a very sophisticated and detailed take on improving this. The author later wrote Fantastic Dungeon Grappling a more streamlined take on the topic. I would like to see this added to a GURPS Fifth Edition, either in that version of GURPS Characters ort a Martial Art or combat supplement. I feel the material is solid but could use a little more detail for nonhumanoid's and special situations. A New Take on Grappling, Pyramid #3/34 Alternate GURPS is another effort to improve grappling and also worth a look and has several interesting articles.

Lifting Great Weights

The standard system is good enough for most purposes, even really strong humans. However for a Supers setting I recommend Knowing Your Own Strength, Pyramid #3/83 Alternate GURPS IV which offers a Logarithmic lift rating. This is a solid way to resolve the issue.
Another option is Super Effort on ST, a +300% Cosmic enhancement introduced in GURPS Supers.
I find the first better but the second is still pretty simple. Write down ST as two numbers, the base ST and the modified ST for when you pay that FP to boost it.

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