Monday, March 6, 2023

Steve Jackson Games new webstore based on Shopify

 The company moved from its old web store to a new system. Its still got some bugs and content with missing or errant tags but shows regular improvement. The thread on the forums asked for feedback and people have been giving it. I like that customers are being listened to and feedback is being implemented.

For example ago or so I asked for categories such as Settings and Adventures to be listed. Low and behold they now are! Mind you I dont know if my suggestion was the reason they did it or if it was already planned so not taking credit here.

Settings is still missing some such as Casey and Andy and Girl Genius that I do not see in this search query.

Supplement Type has the following options 

  • Rules Expansions
  • Campaign Settings
  • Adventures and Scenarios
  • Abilities
  • Items and Technology
  • NPCs and Creatures
You can filter by multiple categories such as Format (Digital, Physical, both) (another suggestion someone made and several supported) Collections for a quick but broad sort, product type, or edition.

Steve Jackson Games has one of the longest lifespans of a gaming company around and that comes with a huge backlog.  So it will take awhile to get everything properly migrated and recategorized but overall I am pleased.
Take a look for yourself! 

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