Game of Powers, a GURPS Supers setting

Synopsis: Modern day alternate earth where super powers started appearing, or at least became more than the stuff of legend in the 60s.

General Background

Known Characters

The Infamous (Known villains)


Training Camps

The industrial powers have created training camps to control the powered population, different countries employ their own style of these camps.
USA: Has created special schools that help young supers learn how to safely use thier abilities and how to use them in their careers.
Supers are encouraged to go into law enforcement but not required, they are however required to go into some form of civil service for a 4 year term to offset the costs for these programs.


The Metahuman Agency for Security and Knowledge is a Cabinet level agency that is responsible for all metahuman activity in the United States and its territories. Created by the Metahuman Rights Act in 1979.
Standard field office
Code of Conduct

Rules and Important Meta Stuff

Character Design and House Rules

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