Sunday, November 25, 2018

Learning GCA

So I have been messing with GURPS Character Assistant (GCA) and gotten wonderful help from the author and chief data file coordinator Armin and EricBSmith respectively.
I am working on entering stuff for my Chalice World campaign.
Completed two race templates, Coatl and Stonekeepers
Completed one of my custom magic systems Affinity Magic (that was the hardest job) and entered Affinity lists for Lanterns, Druids, and Gems. Its a pretty versatile system that covers and converts Book/Path Magic, Ritual Magery, and Realm magic with simple rules for Book/Path rituals and more complex for more standard spell casting. I liked the original systems but people complain they dont have good spell design rules so your limited to whats already printed or guesstimates.
This takes care of that and gives a nice system I can use for magic, mysticism, and religious casting.

I plan on putting up a few videos on using GCA, hopefully later this week.

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