Thursday, November 1, 2018

Mystics in Chalice World

There are several kinds of mystics in Chalice World, varying philosophies and mechanics make this an eclectic bunch. The primary thing they have in common is that they rely on philosophy, which guides not just their powers but also their actions. They seek to understand the universe and how it works, a key difference between them is in  how they go about this more than the end result. Most people simply call all mystics a mystic rather than use the names below.


Philosophy (Aesthetics): The study, creation and understanding of beauty.
Very common among the elves where appreciation of and creating beautiful things is an important way to cut down on boredom.


Philosophy (Elementalism): The study of the primal elements and how they fit together to make up everything.
Powers: Primarily based off GURPS Thaumatology: Chinese Elemental Powers
This is the most well known and common philosophy as the six elements have a profound and visible effect on the world. Dragons study it, indeed it is said that mastery of this philosophy is how a dragon becomes a Grand Dragon.

Inscription Magic

A mystical awakening related to gems developed by the stonekeepers. Its a very intellectual system, relying heavily n mental enhancements.


Philosophy (Logos): Also called the Way of the Word teaches that language is the key to understanding and practitioners strive for accuracy and precision in their words.
Powers: Primarily based off GURPS Powers: The Weird
Probably the most social of mystics they wander civilization and often earn a living telling stories or singing.


Philosophy (Noumena): The observation or perception of reality. Things are not always as they appear and correctly perceiving them is key to understanding the universe and your role in it.
Powers: Primarily based of Noumena in GURPS Powers: The Weird
This is probably the second most common philosophy, though often misunderstood. It is a key part of Fae civilization and culture, though few others understand it.


Philosophy (Pathos): The study and understanding of emotions and strong desires. Words, material concepts, even logic and rational thought are al distractions that keep you from enlightenment.
Powers: Pathos system
These mystics are perhaps treated with the most wariness and least respect, and its more popular among the youth and rebellious. Practitioners tend to focus on one emotion or desire and use it as their driving force.


The idea that everything has a name and knowing somethings name lets you control it. This is not strictly a philosophy, though some people think it is a part of Logos. Historians know it was a key aspect of magic in The First Kingdom.

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This covers most of my ideas but I am on the lookout for more, especially ideas that are gameable. So please feel free to comment below or message me directly.

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