Thursday, November 29, 2018

GURPS reprinting more classics

So Steve Jackson Games announced more reprints of various books.
GURPS Spaceships which is a simple vehicle design system for spaceships. Basically you have 3 hull sections (Front, central, and rear) holding a total of 20 systems making up about 5% of total mass each.  This makes very a pretty simple yet flexible modular design system.

GURPS IOU which is a fun setting on a very weird college campus and GURPS Illuminati, an exotic conspiracy setting both talked about in a previous months blog
Also GURPS Ogre and a number of non GURPS stuff
And upcoming in Dec is another print run of How to be a GURPS GM

These days I mostly buy PDF which allows me to get a fresh copy if my computer crashes and carry all my GURPS books on my phone or a USB stick for reference at the game table. I would need a couple of suitcases to do that with my printed books!
However new print runs mean sales have been and are expected to be good on these books.
That's great news for GURPS.


  1. This is good news for me too. I'm just getting into GURPS.

    1. Congrats, Besides the Steve Jackson Forums I recommend this and Mooks blog for newcomers. Lots of others are great too, but these two try to cover the newcomers, others are often focused on certain things so depends on your specific needs as to which is most useful at the moment.