Friday, December 21, 2018

Pyramid #3/122 All Good Things Review

Well the last issue of Pyramid dropped on Thursday.
I am sad to see this series end but this was a great issue to end on. So what does it have for us?
First off, that is a nice nostalgic title.

Sufficiently Deranged by Phil Masters

This one is about Mad Scientists...
This can be a fun trope but hard for the players and GM to pull off. Its hard to say if this article manages that without a play test but I think it does. It uses Realm Magic as the basis and is an intriguing idea. I was inspired by the article and will probably use it in a Supers game and thinking about it for some wacky insane race of mad scientists for my fantasy campaign. At the least its worth considering for my Banes (Dr. Frankenstein type villains).
I wish I could talk more about it here but, spoilers...

Undead Hunter by Sean Punch

The best part for me was the NPC example. Ever see a movie called Mystery Men?
My least favorite article as it has no new rules or builds but the template is a solid add for an Undead heavy campaign.

Chevaliers and Commanders by Christopher Rice

Two templates for Dungeon Fantasy in this one, but both are useful outside that genre.
The Chevalier is a mounted horseman and a very effective one at that. The template is still useful off his horse but a terror on it! I didn't really like Signature Gear (Mount) as if you but it as an Ally most of the value is useless and I think what amounts to a perk should not keep it from death. Had it left that last bit off I would have liked it better, but thats a subject for the Steve Jackson Games GURPS forums. The Weapon Master is interesting but I think too powerful for grappling weapons like the lasso, again a topic for the forums but I look forward to comments, especially by Douglas Cole (author of Technical Grappling) or Dan Howard (overall weapons expert).
Then he follows up with several power ups that are interesting and useful.

The Commander is next and this one is really full of useful ideas for any genre. A friend announced he is considering it for our Supers game. On reading it I am considering it as a cinematic martial style for my fantasy setting, something like West Point for a few elites.
This was probably the thing most likely to get put into my settings and includes Techniques, new looks at some old powers, a new Power Modifier that I really like and some Enthrallment skills.

I personally dont appreciate the Enthrallment skills in Basic, almost entirely because they lack a good design system. This article has me looking at them again...
It also has some nice Afflictions and adjustments for Rapier Wit.
This is the most crunch heavy article in the issue and probably my favorite.

Eidetic Memory The Bouncers of Caradoc by David Pulver

A Sci Fi setting or alien world to explore.that includes 4 very intriguing species.
I found this to be a creative article and intend to use the Bouncers for sure, and probably the rest.
Seriously, Bouncers are scary! Telephants are pretty interesting.

British Rhodes by Matt Wehmeier

A world for Infinity Worlds. This is a very well written article with good detail, however I found it uninspiring and not personally useful.
Thats the darn trouble with setting and adventure articles, cant please everyone and too many options and possibilities to cover every GURPS gamers areas of interest.

Native American Crusaders by Christopher Rice

Greedy guy got two in this issue, but since both were my favorites, I cant really complain now can I?
This is for Monster Hunters and ties in nicely with PK Kittys Monster Hunters 6: Holy Hunters which came out earlier this month. Good background info to start off.
Medicine Bag is a hefty Affliction and includes an interesting new modifier.
2 new Divine Vessels are included (good choices) and then 2 rather terrifying monsters, followed by a nice bibliography.

Random Thought Table "Final Thoughts" by Steven Marsh

Rather long one this time and full of solid campaign advice for players and GMs to consider and remember.


A really solid issue, and I hope something for everyone. Personally I found 4 articles worth the issue price on their own.

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