Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Chalice Wold updates

Primarily in response to a players questions I fleshed out more for this setting. In particular I...
  • Updated Khemites to Fourth Edition. This is a race loosely inspired by the An Phar from GURPS Aliens and take a lot of the role of halflings from other settings. I have tried to shy away from certain races I felt overused and too stereotypical. Khemites are mostly a background race of farmers, cooks, and servants but can actually make good martial artists or bard types.
  • Started work on Commonwealth Guilds and organizations. This work is largely based on DF 17: Guilds which is a book I overlooked earlier in my setting update. Its really a good book for this kind of thing with plenty of ideas for making them useful to the players.
  • Added and updated some maps.
  • And put in a bunch of work on the primary Commonwealth religion called Beschaving which is a polytheistic religion, consisting of mostly minor gods and goddesses.
  • Also cleaned up a lot of material for the Lantern Guild. Primarily this was cleaning up the information for political power (Rank) and magical power (circles, based on skill and ability) and updating a lot of the material from earlier versions of the magic system. There is still a lot of work needed for some of the guild branches in giving them example rituals.
  • And one last item for the night!!!  Added some detail for the Heralds Guild, including under the section "Getting the Story" a quick mechanic for players to try to glean that hot tidbit from the local keeper of news.

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