Friday, December 7, 2018

Review GURPS Monster Hunters 6: Holy Warriors

24 pages, including Cover, ToC, Index, and advertising, for $6.
This is the latest volume in the Monster Hunters line, (why is that page not given its own entry in the main GURPS Books page?
Basically the MH series is about monster hunting in the modern world, mostly a secret activity.
For examples think  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Shadow Hunters, Supernatural, Men in Black, and others that could be fit into this line.

Chapter 1: Comparative Theology

Briefly summarizes all the major or well known religions. Devotes about a page to each with an emphasis on how they fit in with gaming in this kind of world.
There is some great material here, even if your familiar with a religion it likely adds ides you can use to enhance play.

Chapter 2: Miracles

Adds new crunchy bits for example powers for players to add to their mystics. Most are pretty obvious to the creative and tinkering GM but most people will appreciate the time savings of having them already worked up.  And its very likely that there will be some ideas here that would have been missed by most GMs and players. I personally appreciated bringing forward some Totems from GURPS Voodoo (Third Edition) and several new ones.

Chapter 3: Unholy Adversaries

Some monsters from various religions that give serious foes and help with the "This is our earth!" atmosphere. A few classics but most of these are very rarely written up anywhere I have seen and certainly new to GURPS.


I loved this book!
A little something for everyone here. I do not often run modern games in the MH setting myself but there is a lot here I can adapt to my fantasy games. Even Chapter 1 will have some uses there.


PK (the author) wrote a brief outtake on his livejournal

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