Sunday, September 15, 2019

An interesting Kickstarter for RPGs

The Book of Unusual Potions and Spooky Hats Kickstarter.
This is one of the more interesting Kickstarters for an RPG, though not for everyone it is system agnostic so works for most fantasy RPGs,

The book of Potions is now at 28 pages by my count and is a PDF and printed book by a noted person in the RPG field. Provided are art and descriptions for various potions.
The Book of Spooky Hats is slightly smaller and available not as an add on but comes with the PDF or printed Potions book.
This is because of the stretch goals that have already been met.
The art is nice for any game, the creative thoughts and ideas they can inspire are especially good for GMs who want to add a personal touch to their games.
I backed it and recommend you do too!

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