Friday, September 20, 2019

GURPS Review: Pyramid Dungeon Collection

This book came to my door yesterday and is not available on W23 as yet. It is a collection of articles from Pyramid from Volumes 1 and 2 which are largely no longer available. More than just reprints however the articles are updated to Fourth Edition, in most cases by the original authors.
Its organized into 3 chapters and focused on Dungeon Fantasy.

Chapter 1 Locations

The largest chapter, and it includes several maps. 9 locations are
covered in its 56 pages.

Chapter 2 Advice and Ideas

At 34 pages this is the second largest chapter with 10 articles.  For me this was the best chapter, in particular I liked Chaos and Ritual, Magic Ingredients Revised, Riding the Tiger, and Sylvania Unbound. Riding the Tiger is a short but very nice article on exotic mounts and easily dropped into many campaigns. In particular I will be adding giant eagles, triceratops, and hill turtles (maybe the grand caiman too) to my setting.

Chapter 3 Adventures

At 29 pages this is the smallest chapter, though it only has 3 adventures so each gets plenty of detail,including monster stat blocks.


Overall I liked the book, which shipped with my printed copy of Monsters 2 (already reviewed).
There is a lot in it I wont use but enough here that something is likely to appeal to most people into GURPS Dungeon Fantasy.

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