Monday, January 11, 2021

A Real Hero

So I saw small clips of this Black Capital Police Officer running from the mob. My initial thoughts were that is understandable as they likely would have killed him if they caught him but he should probably lose his job. Dying is part of the risk you take for these kinds of things, which is why few people should be in these high risk jobs.

However, I heard a report and checked into it and turns out the Senate chambers were just down the hall. Looking at this video clip you can see him glance over (apparently noticing the Senators had not been secured yet) and deliberately egging the rioters on. Then he runs a short distance, turns and continues to confront the, This repeats several times and you hear him giving his location an calling for backup where he leads those that followed into a trap.

This shows incredible bravery and presence of mind in a tough situation. Remember these people are waving racist flags and symbols around so its clear they hate any nonwhite and likely would have beaten him to death had they caught him.  Sure that skinny white guy at the front doesn't look too dangerous as commentators have said, but he could easily have been armed. Plus there is the whole mob behind him.

He deserves our thanks, a raise and hey President Biden why dont you use the Medal of Freedom appropriately instead of the participation trophy Trump has turned it into? Give this guy a medal!

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