Monday, January 4, 2021

TTJP Season 1 Episode 24 A New Journey


Casting: Tiger Team!

  • Jian Wu (Two) (Christian) 16M; Our smith and all around craftsman, carries a huge sword and Master of Dragon Man Kung Fu.
  • Jiao Ting (Eight) (Chris D) 16M; Reckless grappler; Black Palm
  • Liang Jing Min (Five) (Randy) 16M; Noble, on the outs with family; Chinese Spear Fighting.
  • Nongmin Chushi (Seven) (Rory) 16M; He talks to spirits, inquisitive and charming perhaps a wee bit too friendly to strangers. Shaman, Eagle Fist Chin Na!, Quarterstaff. Also Talker!, Artiste!, and Outdoorsman!
  • Shang Yi (One) (Calvin) 16M; Natural leader and archer. Shedao
  • Zhiyu Zhige (Nine) (Laurie) 16F; Sorcerer specializing in healing. Eagle Fist Chin Na.
  • He Bohi (Eleven) 16M; Twin, grew up near the docks. Eagle Fist Chin Na, focused on striking.
  • He Donghai (Twelve) 16M;, Twin, Eagle Fist Chin Na, focused on grappling.
  • Ko Lanfen (Four) 16F; Solid Order devotee. Tai Chi Chuan,
  • Laoshu (Three aka Mouse) 17F; Quiet and deadly with a knife. Dagger Fighting
  • Meiyou Ren (Six) 16M; Affectionately called the party blending machine and close to Zhige.
  • Rang Baozhai (Ten) 17F; Our bookworm and nerd. Eagle Fist Chin Na and Xiangliu's Bite (Crossbow).

A Time of Building

After the last adventure our heroes have spent another two years training and are now basically young adults. Most of us now have Style! wildcard skills, plus a few others. Chushi improved his ability to get along with others by getting Talker! and Artiste! to build gifts for spirits and making fetishes. Added Cooking as an extended skill to Artiste! meaning he can make really great meals.
Also increased his Spirit Hands (TK) to ST 20. Wu got bigger and stronger, Jing Min got faster and several levels of Flying Leap (Super Jump 3 with modifiers), Zhige picked up more spells.


Master Pai Mei calls us to assemble and tells us we have been assigned to the Inquisitor branch of the order.   This is in large part a recognition of our success with the last adventure. This branch focuses on hunting down warlocks, demons, and other bad apples within the empire.

We gate to the capital city and are ushered into the Orders grounds. Were given $50 and told to take the evening off and we break up to scout the city.
Chushi and Yi explore the city, memorizing locations and getting a feel for the place.  The idea is to learn travel routes, potential hot spots and places of interest.  Chushi especially pays attention to the social makeup of various areas such as where cultists may gather or recruit or other elements of various types.  Also learns where the parks and graveyards are.
Jing Min goes to the opera, he has been missing the refined side of culture. He dutifully calls it an early night after that to be fresh in the morning.
Ren takes Zhige on a date, buys her a remarkably nice water silk dress that repairs itself.
Rang takes Ting on a date, it does not go as well.  Ting seems obtuse to her advances even though hes shown interest in her by making her gifts. Also turns out to be a lousy dancer.

No one is ambushed or gets into any trouble, except maybe Ting with Rang.  The next morning were fed a good breakfast and reviewed by our new trainer.

End Session

We didnt really do much, lot of cross talk and goofing off kept us off base, possibly post holiday energy.  We all had fun though and in the end that is what a game is all about right?

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