Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The Striking Absence of Courage and Loyalty to America in the GOP and Amazing Self-entitlement

 The House voted to impeach Trump for sedition today, a small number of Republicans voted for it.  Apparently not a single Oklahoma Rep was among them.  So Rep Tom Cole, Rep Markwayne Mullin, Rep Kevin Hern, Rep Stephanie Bice, and local Rep Frank Lucas all voted in support of Sedition, just as they voted to encourage and give aid and comfort to seditionists by objecting to blocking the will of the voters in declaring Biden as the new President elect.

Some like Rep Tom Cole said it was just a parliamentary move, others think and have said letting Trump get away with attempting to overthrow the government as something that the country should just move beyond and forget about, such as our own Senator Lankford.

Meanwhile Republicans are screaming more about losing book deals (Senator Hawley), being censored by a few losing social media accounts and saying that prevents them from talking to people (duh you can go on TV or radio anytime you want to!).Also seriously does any Congress person actually read or understand the Constitution? or do they know but just think their voters are too lazy or stupid to, and will just believe whatever they are told? Or even more petty crying about not being able to carry guns onto the House floor and walking through metal detectors.  How out of touch and self entitled are these people? Regular Americans are typically not allowed to carry guns on their jobs, many schools have metal detectors, and have they boarded a plane lately? But somehow they think they are special and should be able to carry a gun in a supposedly secure location. Consider that several were and still are engaged in active sedition and some calling for the death of fellow congress people. At least 4 were involved in organizing the rally that led to the riot and one Rep Lauren Boebert is an admitted conspiracy theorist and was sending the location during the riot Speaker Pelosi's location to her followers. There were only two credible reasons to do that 1) Hoping the rioters would go after Pelosi and leave the floor alone (in hopes of protecting herself) or 2) Hoping they could reach Pelosi.  Why should she be allowed in office, much less to carry a gun? Apparently our own Rep Mullin was also among those crying about the metal detectors.

So these are the priority issues of the GOP, not the people who died or risked their lives to save their lives (By the way, many Republicans, including Senator Graham and some from the Oklahoma delegation were yelling at the Capital Police for not doing enough during the crisis.  We even have American service members sleeping on the Capital floor to protect their ass. While as a former service member myself I can say this is not the most uncomfortable billet, its shameful that Republicans in office are devaluing that and putting their own personal privilege's over and above the people sacrificing to protect the self-entitled spoiled brats.

When will Republican voters ever hold them accountable?  Will they ever do so? Or is racism so that damm important to you? Can't really be anti-abortion based on the reckless disregard for human life. Maybe its just the lie about taxes.  Shameful whatever the reason is.

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