Chalice World

The Chalice World is a world inside a massive chalice on the back of Ben Ben the primeval turtle who created himself as an act of his own Will.
Ben Ben came out of the abyss and resides between the Primordial Darkness and the Primordial Light.
In time he created other beings to relieve  his boredom.
The first were the Primal Elements created from the Primordial Darkness and the Primordial Light, these were Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, Metal and finally Air.
These children however powerful were not enough as they lacked complexity so Ben Ben called into being the next generation which became known as the Council of Creation.

The Council of Creation used the primal elements to create the world. The Chalice was formed from the earthen clay and fire was set above, with water below. The outer edges were cooled into frozen metal while in the center grew the world tree. Finally air separated and connected them all.


This world is the latest incarnation of an old setting I ran in GURPS Third Edition and much of my notes need updating both to Fourth Edition and for setting changes I have made over time. If you see something incomplete or odd that is probably why.  Feel free to post a comment or otherwise contact me if you want me to put a certain item at the top of my queue.
House Rules


Power Sources


  • Banes What if Dr. Frankenstein was a ghoul?
  • Centaurs [95] Nomads of the Great Plains
  • Chelone [206] Giant sea turtles, wise and powerful shamans.
  • Chimera Hybrids created by a Trickster god.
  • Citratrophe
  • Coatl [63] Flying snakes on the borders of the Land of Wood and the Land of Fire
  • Dolphins [150] Playful scouts of the sea
  • Dragons
  • Dwarves [40] Warriors and craftsmen of the Barrier Mountains.
  • Fae [14] They cannot tell a lie, but beware what they say.
  • Fauns
  • Ghouls Scavengers of the dead
  • Glowers [12] Dwarven crystals
  • Goblins Halfbreed fae, kinda crazy nomads.
  • Gravers [75] Furred companions to the dwarves.
  • Gryphons [56] Falcon sized griffons, fierce hunters.
  • Jotun (Happ) [205] Embodiment's of chaos that just want to make you laugh
  • Kaya Nature loving protectors in the Land of Wood
  • Khemites [11] Humble farmers and cooks from the Land of Earth, though they can be found all over.
  • Koads [63] Sentient trees
  • Leapers  [42] Nomadic hunters, expert at flying leaps and the javelin
  • Merfolk [86] Amphibious humanoids
  • Noble Animals Sentient animals of various species.
  • Reptilians [45 or 55] Primitive natives of the Land of Fire or Water they closely align themselves to the Grand Dragons.
  • Shadow Hunters [80] Jackal headed humanoids with claws
  • Stonekeepers [90] Master gem cutters with a third eye!
  • Thralls Slave race created by Banes to keep their vampire overlords happy.
  • Trolls Thuggish enforcers
  • Tuimelaar or Mudfolk [62] Otters! Giant Frogs! They would be so cute, except for those tentacles...

  • Vampires [43] Our own take on a familiar classic

Regions and Kingdoms

Traveling the World

The Chalice World is a large roughly circular area about 15,000 miles in radius

  • The Lantern Guild

  • Blasted Lands

    Land of Water

    Land of Earth

    Barrier Mountain

    Enemies of Civilization


    Powerful spirits that corrupt beings and even reality itself to sate their eternal hunger.
    They can be found anywhere.


    Eddies of chaos that slip in over the Rim and create havoc.  They are typically not evil but are destructive by nature and do not heed the rules of the world. A chaos spirit will embody the first interesting thing it finds and then do whatever keeps it from boredom. They can be small or great in form and power and embody living, inanimate or forces of nature itself.


    The greatest threat of all, though thankfully rarely encountered.  These things from beyond the universe itself actually break down reality.

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