Commonwealth Guilds and Organizations

The organizations in Chalice World use a lot of material from Dungeon Fantasy 17: Guilds. Also relavant or useful here would be Dungeon Fantasy 10: Taverns and (mostly useful to the GM) Boardroom and Curia and Social Engineering: Pulling Rank.

Holy Order of the Commonwealth

Comprised of the various priesthoods that make the many and varied gods and goddesses of the Commonwealth. See religion Beschaving for more details.
  • Type (DF17): Congregation
  • Rank: Guild Rank 0 -7; Max rank of leadership , Villages 0-1; Towns 2-4, Cities 4-6, Capital 7.
  • In Charge: Priests
  • In the Ranks: Priests, townsfolk.
  • On Payroll: Almost anyone!
  • Influencing the AR: Diplomacy, Theology

Society of Spirit Talkers

Primarily a loose organization of shamans, and others who may deal with spirits. In towns and such they primarily help with minor healing, divination's and blessings but their main responsibility is keeping the town on good terms with local spirits, especially the city spirit. Even in major cities they are very small groups, and Rank does not carry over from city to city - though it is respected.
  • Type (DF17): Spiritual Society
  • Rank: Guild Rank 0 -2.
  • In Charge: Shamans
  • In the Ranks: Shadow lanterns, shamans.
  • On Payroll:
  • Influencing the AR: Diplomacy

Society of Wardens

Comprised mostly of career and retired town guards, though it includes many adventurers, especially retired ones. They can be called upon by the Town Watch to help out in difficult matters,and sometimes nobles will call on them as well. Some are in fact nobles, often granted knghthood for previous services. However no one over Status 2 is allowed as a member, higher status is seen as a possible conflict of interest.

  • Type (DF17):  Sworn Society with tight ties to Town Watch
  • Rank: Guild Rank 0 -3.
  • In Charge: Warriors
  • In the Ranks: Anyone with personal combat skills or exceptional abilities
  • On Payroll:
  • Influencing the AR: Diplomacy

The Heralds Guild

This guild exists to support those whose jobs are related to information sharing, primarily news and history. This includes Bards, Shadow Riders, and town criers.
  • Type (DF17): Craft/Service
  • Rank: Guild Rank 0 -5.
  • In Charge: Bards
  • In the Ranks: Almost anyone!
  • On Payroll: Cartographers, guards, mages (especially Silver lanterns).
  • Influencing the AR: Diplomacy; Merchant (Information); Savoir-Faire (Heralds).

The Lantern Guild

The vast majority of magic in the Commonwealth is controlled and practiced by the Lanterns,
  • Type (DF17): Craft and University, though most University applications are only available in cites.
  • Rank: Guild Rank -1 to 7; Max rank of leadership , Villages 0-1;, Towns 2-4, Cities 4-6, Capital 7.
  • In Charge: Mages
  • In the Ranks:
  • On Payroll:
  • Influencing the AR: Diplomacy

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