Friday, January 26, 2018

Chain Migration

So President Trump talks a lot about Immigration and one of his pet scarecrows is so called "Chain Migration".
He is claiming it needs to end as it lets immigrants bring in relatives then those bring in more and son the whole country is overwhelmed with races he hates.
Is this true, or just another one of his lies?

Look for yourself

  • The Cotton/Purdue Plan
As you can see, it takes a long time and passing strict requirements, including proof of financial capability to sponsor a family member.
Think about this and the other ideas the GOP are floating around.
  • They want to end or reduce the ability for American CITIZENS to bring in foreign relatives. This means they want to take away YOUR rights as citizens. This affects soldiers and business people deployed overseas who marry and want to bring their family home.
  • The GOP want to limit immigrants who have family here and instead bring in workers to compete for your jobs. As usual its all about the money. The GOP wants to provide cheap labor to the corporations that pay for their campaigns and other perks.
So tell me why Trump supporters think this is a good idea?  Your letting them take away YOUR rights as an American and your jobs!

Immigration Reform does need to happen, but building a wall and trying to bring n cheap labor is not the right way. We should improve border security, but in a manner that is less wasteful of taxpayer money and does a better job.  We also need to focus more on those who overstay Visas which is really where most illegal immigration comes from.
We also need to stop with the idiotic rhetoric against Sanctuary cities. Trump wants to force local police to act as ICE.  Local officials say that States Rights should be protected and why should they have to pay for federal programs. Not only does this unfairly penalize and take away the local rights it increases the risks to local citizens.
When local immigrants are afraid to talk to the police crimes go unreported and gangs grow in power.
Sanctuary cities merely tel ICE to do their own job and the local police will do theirs.  It is a system that works as these cities have lower crime rates and are more prosperous.

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