Saturday, January 20, 2018

Holding your Representative Accountable to YOU

Have you noticed how so many politicians pivot and avoid answering questions?
How when held to task they the excuse of a five year old "But look at so and so!"

The trouble is most politicians say one thing on the election trail and do another once elected.
Conservatives pretend to be patriotic and christian to get votes, yet once in office sell the country off to their donors and foreign investors and behave in unchristian like ways.
Liberals ignore pragmatism.

Regardless of what your issue is you need to be willing and able to voice your concerns and preferences.
So here is some contact and general info for the people who are supposed to represent YOU.
Who Represents me
Government contact info
By zip code

Open Secrets The go to site for checking on campaign finance.  See who bought your politician.
Personally I prefer politicians who get most, if not all their money from individual contributors. That means they got paid by voters, not companies or political organizations.

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