Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Conservative case for legal Marijuana

News on the recent legalization in California prompted me to think why so many conservatives are against to.
Conservatives do not like change, I get it but do not consider that a valid reason for anything.

Legalization saves money, and a lot of it.

Conservatives, at least fiscal conservatives and those for a smaller government  should reason that..
  • We have more nonviolent offenders in prison than violent ones. This costs taxpayers tons of money to keep people locked up who are not a threat to society.
  • Tax it like other addictive substances, such as tobacco and alcohol and not only does lower prices and easier access make it less safer but it generates tons in local tax money.
  • Use some of that money to fund rehab and drug treatment facilities like we do with tobacco. That saves money taxpayers are already spending on those programs.
But what about the people it makes lazy and unreliable for work?
Well what about them?  Locking them up just costs us more money than other social welfare so we come out ahead.  And if you dont want them eligible for programs, Im fine with that too.
And since fewer people are locked up we have more available for work anyway.

Unless its about race and keeping people unable to work because you dont like their life choices.
That kind of conservative we dont need in this country

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