Monday, August 6, 2018

Single Payer Week: Advantage to employees and business

So we defined our terms and went over common scare tactics, now lets get into the detailsof will it work for America and how?
Today lets look at the possible advantages.


A big cost of business is employee wages and benefits. If a company can save money on health care it will be able to put that money elsewhere. Either in the pockets of shareholders or reinvest it in company growth.  Even if companies pay the exact same amount towards a healthcare tax they will save considerable money in HR costs and not dealing with insurance companies.  Also employees with access to affordable health care are healthier which saves lost work time and worse new hire expenses in replacing those that leave the work force.
If the company can actually pay lower costs in taxes than they do towards their current costs such as insurance and emergency sick programs they come out even farther ahead.


How much do you pay for your insurance out of each check? What are your copay's and deductibles? Do you know what your caps are? What if your a new hire and not eligible for insurance yet? What happens if you get laid off work? Do you have preexisting conditions? What if you see the doctor and then it turns out your not covered for that visit? Maybe they were out of network, a form was not filled out properly, or the procedure is just not covered even though they told you it would be?
Ever had any of that happen to you? Most Americans have, and it can be a crushing blow.
Now imagine if you just go in when you need to, no deductibles or copay's and your doctors office knew exactly what was covered because everyone has the same rules.
Ever been hurt on the job and have your work and insurance company fighting over who will cover the bill? Meantime, the doctor and bill collectors come after you.
What if your a contract, temp or part time employee? A lot of companies hire that way to avoid dealing with insurance costs. Can you make ends meet?

Medical Facilities and Doctors Offices

Ask your doctor the next time your in for a visit how much time and money they waste dealing with insurance companies. With the new junk insurance the GOP is pushing it will get even worse. Ask them if they would prefer a single set of understandable rules and coding. Ask them if they would prefer to prescribe the medication you need rather than what the insurance and drug companies push for?
To be fair they may not like what medicare pays but at least its predictable. And if everyone is on it, they can probably lobby for better pricing.

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