Thursday, August 9, 2018

Single Payer Week: But Socialism!

Labels are handy tools for keeping a conversation short or weapons that work well as propaganda. The trouble is people forget labels are just shortcuts and often misleading.
Lets briefly hit some terminology first.Four types of economies Traditional, Command, Market, Hybrid.
Republicans want a Market system, Democrats want a more mixed system.
America is currently a mixed system and always has been, though ratios vary from year to year.
Communism, Socialism, Capitalism a fairly short explanation

Capitalism is great for a growing economy and encourages research, competitiveness but those left behind tend to get further and further behind and eventually you get a sort of generic lottery where your success is based on to whom you were born to more than how hard are effectively you work.

Socialism gives everyone an equal chance and opportunity but removes a lot of the incentives to work hard since your not bettering your personal situation as much.

Socialism is definitely a more humanitarian and Christian system but there is no doubt human nature makes capitalism more efficient at long term survivability and growth.
But like most things in life the answer to what is best lies not at the extremes but somewhere in the middle.
America was founded by reformers and liberals, though over time the definition has changed with the country moving further to the left.
Public Education started in Boston in 1821 and spread throughout the country. One side says the wealthy should pay for their own education and the poor can remain uneducated. Another side says the rich should share so that others have a chance to better themselves.
If your being honest you can see both sides but probably either argument is unconvincing in getting you to switch.
How about looking at it from a larger picture, one of patriotism?
 A better educated population is better prepared for the modern world and able to do jobs that require more education. Companies improve their products without having to import foreign talent. Those companies will make better products that more effectively compete in the world marketplace, bringing more wealth to the country.
Higher wages mean more money in the hands of consumers which means more demand for product which means companies make more money. Even better they have to higher more people to make and sell things so its a replenishing cycle.

I thought this was Health Care week?

Sorry, I just wanted to lay the foundation.
As above, one side says if you want health care you need to pay the costs yourself and one way to do that is through health insurance. Either you pay it all or your employer pays part as a benefit to attract workers. The other side says get the insurance companies out of it as they just increase costs and cut care to make higher profits.
But wait! If my taxes go to health care I am paying for other people to get medicare, is that fair?
How do you think insurance works? Get a lot of healthy people paying in and as few sick or likely to get sick people as possible so you have fewer payouts.
If your working for an insurance company you want to continue that system, anyone else though should take a serious look at Single Payer. It cuts costs dramatically by removing profits, marketing, lobbyists and bureaucratic systems put in place to make it harder for people to get coverage.
Government medical coverage is a social system, just like public education, military, law enforcement, and the fire department. However some things just make more sense as government programs than as private ones.
We do need to monitor it and talk out the details, those are important debates. But the current insurance based system is hurting the country so we need to change it.

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