Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Fantasy Trip

So Steve Jackson Games has launched a kickstarter for one of his earliest games.
The Fantasy Trip was one of the earliest roleplaying games, coming out in 1977 and it was incredibly easy to play. Steve Jackson wrote it when he was working for a company called Metagaming and has finally gotten the copyrights back to it.
So now they are making a revised edition that has already funded at over $230,000 with a $20,000 goal! Beyond this kickstarter they are doing another one next year, and already hired a line editor for the system.
$25 gets you ALL the PDFs and $30 gets you a box plus those PDFs, of course there is more stuff at higher levels.
If you like roleplaying this is a great opportunity.
GURPS is my favorite system but it is front loaded and this makes it appear more complex than other systems where you every first level character of a class is pretty much the same.
TFT gets you a simple fast playing game with 3 attributes that can be played as a simple arena game, more complex dungeon crawl or even a world setting.
It is ideal for teaching new players, especially kids about RPGs and the fun of face to face gaming over the dinner table or during lunch at school.
However it is still a solid game for long term play as well, so we get a good entry game and a good campaign capable game as well.

The Kickstarter is almost over so I wanted to spread the word even more.

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