Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Fall of the GOP

So the GOP can add Rep Duncan Hunter and Paul Manafort (Not just Trumps campaign manager but also the RNC Treasurer) to the growing list of  Republican leadership indicted, convicted, or just having to resign due to scandals.
With the dual hit of Manafort and Cohen further implicating Trump in criminal matters the GOP needs to decide their fate, if its not already too late.
The last two years have seen a record number of disgraced politicians, most of them Republicans and a rise in white nationalists running for office under the GOP banner.

The GOP was discgraced under President Nixon but they did step up.  The modern GOP has yet to do so, choosing to hitch thier wagon to Trump and as each new scandal occurs they keep doubling down.
President Trump is..

  • Guilty of violating the emoluments clause of the US Constitution.
  • Lining his pockets at taxpayer expense by funneling money into his properties
  • Guilty of having the highest turnover and corruption in any Administration.
  • Dividing the country and promoting hatred and fear, rising hate crimes and mass shootings.
  • Alienating our allies and sucking up to our enemies.
  • Encouraging jobs being sent overseas and setting up a trade war that costs more jobs and may send us into a recession.
  • Attacking US intelligence and law enforcement agencies.
  • Trampling on the Constitution, including vital rights such as Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press.
  • Campaign finance violations and probably working with a hostile foreign power to ensure his victory.
That's just the highlights!
Some people do not believe or see all those things, but the number that do is growing as more and more examples and evidence emerges. At some point it will be obvious to even his most devoted supporters and then they will be angry at being lied to for so long. The GOP needs to decide do they ride the Trump train over the cliff or do they step up and put party over country and show some loyalty to the United States of America.
The longer they take the worse they look and the more of them like Jordan, Nunes, and Gowdy will go down in history as traitors to the country.
We are beyond appealing to their patriotism, now we need to hope they will start looking after their own survival and legacies.
And the ones that claim they do it for thier conservative agenda? They lie to you.  Pence would be far more effective at pushing it. The only reason they hold back is cowardice and greed.

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