Saturday, April 20, 2019

Bureau 2 Office

This is the standard layout for a Meta-teams office and facilities.

Scale 5 foot squares
The facility has 7 bedrooms for the team or permanent residents and 1 small bedroom for the office manager on duty. The entrance anteroom is decorated as suits the local area and acts as a small museum and public greeting place.  Good for student field trips!

Office Area

This is staffed 24 hours a day and is a place for people to interact with the Bureau, including submitting complaints, damage claims, requesting support, or just passing along information. During business hours one or two clerks are available to handle the load and an office manager or clerk is on premises at all times.

Team Area

The assigned meta-humans have  7 private bedrooms, share a common bathroom, and two meeting rooms.  One near the entrance is more relaxed and can accommodate guests. It includes a small and large table, numerous chairs and sofas and a fireplace. It even has a small group compute that can run a wall projector.
The second meeting room includes file storage, small pool and operations computer.

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