Saturday, April 20, 2019

MASK Bureau 3

This bureau is the official liaison to civilian and government agency's at all levels with the exception of law enforcement and military agencies. It works heavily with FEMA, the CDC, and city or state authorities when they request emergency assistance.
Meta-human agents in Bureau 3 do not have law enforcement powers but may still work with a city's defense team. They are typically trained in First-Aid  and serve the role of first responders and help out with disaster relief, depending on their abilities.


This is a sparsely staffed branch and staff consists primarily of people with strong organizational and communication skills. They coordinate with several agencies at all levels of the government and the public during emergencies but most of the time they are just doing paperwork and monitoring.


Because this is primarily an emergency relief agency they rely heavily on volunteers. State offices are based in capital cities, with local district offices where needed. Generally coastal cities, flood prone areas, and large rural areas prone to disasters such as wildfires will have a small office.
Volunteers are expected to be on call and respond as needed so are in a database and call list.

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